We have created a brief guide on creating content that every BuzzFrag creator should read.

You should also read about the payments.

We have multiple formats for creating content.

1. Story

Story format is used for creating news, facts, articles or lists. In this format, you can insert media like images, videos, embeds (YouTube, DailyMotion, PlayBuzz, etc) and GIFs in between the paragraphs to make your content interesting as well as high quality.

2. Video

Video format is just for posting video embeds from YouTube, DailyMotion, Twitch, Facebook or any other video platforms. Submitting posts of video formats does not generate any revenue. This format is only used by the editors of BuzzFrag.

3. Trivia Quiz

Trivia quiz or trivia game or competition is one where the competitors are asked questions about interesting but unimportant facts in many subjects.

This format is used to create interesting and challenging quizzes with tough questions and multiple options in which only one option is correct. You can show different result messages to people who scored specific percentage in the quiz. For example, from 90% to 100% result the message should be, “Excellent!”.

4. Personality Quiz

Personality test is any of several tests that consist of standardized tasks designed to determine various aspects of the personality or the emotional status of the individual examined.

This format is used to create interesting and viral quizzes with various questions and multiple options in which every option points towards specific results.

Basic logic, let’s say we have two personalities, “Money-minded” and “Nature-loving”. And there’s a question, “Which is more important to you?” with options, “Money” and “Nature”. So in this situation, we can show the result, “Money-minded”, if user chooses money. And if the user selects nature, then the result can be pointed to “Nature-loving”.



  1. Upload an attractive and high definition featured image aka thumbnail. This is make maximum people visit the post.
  2. Attractive and interesting title. Once again the same target, to get maximum clicks on the post shares.
  3. Real good and in-detail description but no unnecessary words, and also convincing people to share the post.
  4. No mistakes! Proofread the posts twice before submitting. (Specially the quizzes)