10 Least Known Facts About Loki And His Endeavours

Loki, the god of mischief is the only Marvel character that has witnessed a drastic personality change. From a villain with a lust for power to a life-saving hero, Loki has garnered praises from one and all. Also, he rose above all the hate and negativity and proved himself to be a worthy king who is kind. Despite his death by the hand of Thanos, he has been brought back from the dead through the series LOKI. A new chapter has begun allowing fans to learn more about Loki.

We have listed 10 least known facts about Loki that fans may be unaware of. So let’s jump in right away:

1. First appearance as a redhead:

Loki, the first villain in the Marvel cinematic universe was a redhead. He made his first appearance in the comics as a redhead person, unlike his lustrous long black hair. Also, in few marvel comic iterations, he adorned pink clothes that were quite different from his current attire i.e. Green.

2. Loki with unlimited potential and powers:

The Marvel cinematic universe has not been able to completely showcase the abilities of Loki. According to comics, Loki possesses various powers like resistance to fire, the ability to think effortlessly, changing body shape and sizes. He also can convert into a female version of himself.

3. Tom Hiddleston was not the first choice:

Though Tom Hiddleston perfectly showcased his talent, he was not the first choice. He brought the character of Loki to life with excellence. However, Jim Carrey and Josh Hartnett were the first ones to be considered for the role. Bizarre right!

4. Loki’s unexpected origin:

Loki has one of the most unexpected origins in the Marvel comics and cinematic universe. Though considered the son of Odin, he was a frost giant. He was found by Odin himself and given various powers and teachings. Also, he was born with his powers too like immunity to fire, etc.

5. Responsible for bringing Avengers together:

Like in the movie The Avengers, Loki is responsible for bringing all the characters together. He was the one who led to the creation of a team that finally saved earth on numerous occasions.

6. Loki finally became the king:

Loki was able to fulfill his desire of becoming a king and claiming the throne in a Comic. An alternative version of Loki from the future who defeated his brother claimed the throne in the earlier comics. This led to the creation of a multiverse.

7. Loki – a leader for various notorious villains:

Loki was also able to lead a team of the most feared criminals like Doctor Doom and made a plan to defeat the Avengers in the comics as well. However, he tasted defeat along with other criminals.

8. Possession of the ability to transform:

Loki even can transform and impersonate himself as another living being. In one iteration of Marvel Comics, he was able to impersonate Scarlett Witch to attack a god and used her powers for his benefit.

9. Loki as a young Avenger:

Like the movies, Loki has died and brought back to life a countless number of times in comics too. Also, in few comics, he has been reincarnated as a young Loki who ultimately became part of the Young Avengers. Interesting right!

10. Loki damaged Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir:

Loki was also responsible for damaging Thor’s hammer in the comics. When Mjolnir was being forged, he tricked the workers into reducing the size of the hammer’s handle. He grew jealous of Thor’s gift and therefore meddled with the making process.