How Well Do You Know Phoebe Buffay From FRIENDS

One of the most watched television programmes in history is Friends. From 1995 to 2004, Americans watched the popular sitcom to catch up on the lives of their favourite group of six friends who resided in New York City: Joey Tribbiani, a handsome and endearing but silly actor; Chandler Bing, a ticklish but lovable roommate; Monica Geller, a neat freak; Rachel Green, a fashionista; Ross Geller, Monica’s brother; and Phoebe Buffay, a massage therapist.

Phoebe, played by Lisa Kudrow, was arguably the most distinctive of all of their friends. She seemed odd, little dizzy, and infantile, but ultimately she was a kind and compassionate person. Phoebe has had a long life and many equally wild former lives. Her pals were always in awe of her stories. Like when she said she shared a home with a man who was an albino and washed windows outside Port Authority, as well as a man named Sidney who spoke to his hand.

Have you been paying attention enough to remember everything Phoebe has done throughout the series, I ask you? How well do you recall the peculiar person? Take the increasingly difficult Phoebe Buffay quiz, which none of the friends could pass. Test your knowledge.

  • Question of

    What is the name of Phoebe’s date played by Alec Baldwin?

    • Matt
    • Parker
    • Josh
    • Damon
  • Question of

    Which family member’s spirit does Phoebe believe resides inside her cat?

    • Mother
    • Sister
    • Father
    • Brother
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    When Phoebe has all of the friends sing “Smelly Cat” who does not get a solo?

    • Chandler
    • Rachel
    • Joey
    • Ross
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    How much money does Phoebe get after finding a thumb in her soda?

    • $5000
    • $4000
    • $7000
    • $6000
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    After Phoebe misses out on the London trip, where does the group try and plan a trip to?

    • Vegas
    • London
    • Atlantic City
    • Michigan
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    Which TV Network Did Phoebe Hate?

    • PBS
    • BBC
    • NBC
    • ABC
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    What Did Phoebe Name The Rat In Her Apartment?

    • Ratty
    • Bob
    • Tom
    • Mick
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    What Was The Name Of Phoebe’s First Husband?

    • Duncan
    • Louis
    • Tony
    • Edmund
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    What Was Phoebe’s Roommate’s Name?

    • Diane
    • Denise
    • Diana
    • Dina
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    What Was The Name Of The Policeman She Dated?

    • Gerard
    • Gary
    • Jerry
    • Jason