A Thank You Letter From A Monica Geller Fan

Dear Monica Geller, there’s one question a dedicated F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan is asked repeatedly: Which of the six characters would you trade lives with?

For me, there’s not even the briefest flash of indecision before my thoughts zero in on “Monica.” No, not because I wish to be as insanely organised as you are, or your obsession with cleanliness. (I mean of course tidiness equals health, but, a mop for 70 dollars, girl?) Neither is it your incredible culinary talent.

Though these traits are the reason, that, if I ever send out an advertisement for a roomie, it would be very discreet – Wanted: Roommate. Criteria: Just be Monica Geller. No, the reason I always related to you, or to look for a more fitting way to describe it –the reason I wanted to be like you, is none other than, your man. (Yes, I know, no prizes for guessing that obvious answer right?) Chandler Bing.

One mention of the name will light up an ocean of warmth in any f.r.i.e.n.d.s. fangirl’s heart. Do you know how lucky you are Monica? That night in London, you found solace in your friend’s arms. And fate began scripting the most beautiful love-story. We love you for not giving up on him after you had your first disagreement.

“So this isn’t over?” He asked you.And you answered him by putting the most crucial relationship rule in the simplest way: moving on. Perhaps because you’re Mondler. Nothing more needs to be added after saying that. Chandler Bing is the man whose words have made the grumpiest person in a room burst out in hysterical laughter.

But do you know that he made us cry with the words he said to Erica about you? We know Chandler Bing as the goofball, always ready to slay absolutely anyone with a sarcastic comment. But that moment revealed the loving husband, with a desperate plea, a man for whom nothing else in the world mattered more than his wife’s wish for motherhood.

You know how lucky you are to have the perfect husband? But then he has the perfect wife too. For a girl to give up the beautiful dress she desired for her wedding! You did it for him and we couldn’t love you more! It’s impossible to choose a singular reason why we love your relationship. Mondler is forever. And so is our love for you.