Dark: 6 Facts- We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Dark is a fantastic German sci-fi show involving time travel spanning over 200 years and multiple generations of the same families. Everything is connected and goes on in an endless loop. It is full of Bootstrap Paradoxes as time is a closed loop and the future affects the present just as the past affects the present. It is a show which will genuinely keep you at the edge of your seats! The final season premiered on 27th June and has been trending since then worldwide. It had a beautiful ending that no one could have thought of. A father created two worlds in order to bring his son back to life and a mother destroyed those two worlds so that her daughter may live. Here are some facts about the show we bet you didn’t know:

1) The Caves

The impressive caves shown in Dark which act as a portal between different timelines do not exist in real. The set was made before shooting each season. Most scenes were shot in Berlin. This is a picture of the set being assembled. This along with VFX made those caves so very believable. 

2) Ulrich Neilsen

The casting of the show is so impeccable that one can truly believe it’s the same actor portraying the character throughout time. The lesser known fact about Ulrich Neilsen is that it is played by three different actors. Old Ulrich is not played by Oliver Masucci (left) with make up. It is played by Winfried Glatzeder (right). They look extremely similar:

3) Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese

The creators of this epic show are Baran Bo Odar (director) and Jantje Friese (writer). They are quite famous for their work but what you might not know is that this dynamic duo is a couple in real life! Their next project is ‘1899’.

4) The Unknown

The Unknown trio who is the son of Jonas and Alt-Martha [Adam & Eva] is played by three actors – Claude Heinrich (right), Jakob Diehl (left) and Hans Diehl (middle). Jakob Diehl is actually the son of Hans Diehl. The Unknown’s older self was portrayed by the actor’s actual father.

5) Jonas’ reaction

In an interview with The Guardian, Louis (Jonas) revealed that his and Andreas’ (Older Jonas) reaction to this scene happened naturally. They did not discuss it beforehand nor did the director give any instructions. They just had the same reaction when they met Martha after a long time. Maybe the same person after all!

6) Claudia Tiedemann’s double

Julika Jenkins portrayed middle aged Claudia Tiedemann. In S3, there were two Claudias, one of Adam’s world and one of Eva’s world. In their scene together, Karoline Eichhorn, the actress who plays Charlotte Doppler, plays Julika Jenkins’ double. One such scene was where our Claudia shoots Alt-Claudia. The double was Karoline Eichhorn with a wig.