All Gilmore Girl’s Fans Gather Around To Play The Ultimate Quiz!

“Gilmore Girls Aesthetic, Rory Gilmore Books, Luke’s Coffee”…¬†Believe me when I tell you that my Google and Pinterest searches look like this half of the time. Gilmore Girls is a show that we just can’t get over. From a hyper-active, caffeinated, sassy mom to academic validation deprived Rory Gilmore, the list is endless. The idiosyncrasies of the duo, Lorelai and Rory, is hilarious and adorable at the same time. They’re accompanied by a friend who’s agreed to supply them with a lifetime of caffeine, Luke, who’s a brooding young man but hits all the spots just right.

It’s Autumn, and there’s always time for a coffee and a good book to cosy up to so before you tune into another favourite episode of the Gilmore Girls, play this quiz to see if you’re a true fan or just an imposter.

  • Question of

    Where Did Rory Live With Lorelai When They First Moved To Stars Hollow?

    • In Sookie’s attic.
    • In the Potting Shed at the Independence Inn
    • In Miss Patty’s dance studio.
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    In What Subject Did Rory Receive Her First “D” Grade?

    • Maths
    • History
    • English
  • Question of

    Which major character was originally scripted as a woman?

    • Michael
    • Luke
    • Dean
  • Question of

    Who Is Rory’s Idol?

    • Christiane Amanpour
    • Diane SawyerNo
    • Barbara Walters
  • Question of

    Complete the quote: “Who cares if I’m ____ if I fail my finals?”

    • Smart
    • Pretty
    • Rich
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    Who wins the 24-hour dance marathon in the episode “They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?” in season 3?

    • Dean
    • Miss Patty
    • Kirk
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    Where does Lorelai ask Luke to marry her?

    • The cereal aisle of Doose’s Market
    • Stars Hollow Gazebo
    • Luke’s Diner
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    What is the name of Lorelai’s dog?

    • Paul Anka
    • Bob Dylan
    • Spot
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    What Job Does Rory Get When She Graduated From Yale?

    • A book reviewer for Time Magazine.
    • To be a reporter on Obama’s campaign.
    • An English teacher at Stars Hollow High.
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    Where does Lane often hide clothes, music, and make-up that’s forbidden by her mother?

    • Under her floorboards
    • In her closet
    • In Rory’s home