Are you the one who can guess all the answers correct?

Daredevil is back with its amazing drama and suspense. If you are the real fan of Daredevil, take up the challenge and guess all the answers correct. Can you?

  • Question of

    Did you notice that in which costume Matt returned back to the street in season 3?

    • in the classic red Daredevil suit
    • in the black costume
    • in the dark blue colored costume
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    How did Matt Murdog get injured?

    • because the building has collapsed on him
    • he fell down from the building
    • because the building has caught fire
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    Who had found Matt and let him took to father Paul?

    • a rickshaw driver
    • a taxi driver
    • a bus driver
  • Question of

    How could Matt return back to his civilian life?

    • because he had put his life in danger and continued to fight
    • by performing dangerous tasks
    • he jumped from the top of huge building
  • Question of

    What was Matt trying to stop?

    • murdering
    • kidnapping
    • None of these
  • Question of

    Who were Matt and Karen actually?

    • Relatives
    • Enemies
    • Friends
  • Question of

    Think about the person who loves Vanessa Mariana. He is___________.

    • Criminal
    • Kidnapper
    • Both of them
  • Question of

    Why was Fisk thankful to Desk?

    • Matt’s demand
    • Albanians’ help
    • agent’s action
  • Question of

    Why did Foggy ask NYDP for its support?

    • because he thought that Fisk was a daredevil.
    • because he thought that Fisk was a cop killer
    • because he thought that Fisk was trying to mislead him
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    Where did Matt meet with Maggie before Father Lantom’s funeral?

    • at the church
    • in the basement of building
    • at the streets of New York