BTS: Are you updated?

Too much going on in the K-pop world. Take this quiz to find out if you’ve missed any of the recent happenings in the fandom.

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    Which of the following has been their latest tour?

    • Love Yourself World Tour
    • Japan Tour-Wake Up: Open Your Eyes
    • BTS 3rd Muster
    • BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour
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    Which leading magazine noted that BTS sold more tickets to their most recent tour than Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, and the Rolling Stones?

    • Billboard
    • Vogue
    • Forbes
    • TIME
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    In which country is the band scheduled to perform in the October 2019, which has been controversial for the ARMY?

    • Brazil
    • Saudi Arabia
    • North Korea
    • Yemen
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    Which band member’s privacy did fans try to compromise by reconding videos of him while holidaying in Paris, in their current break?

    • RM
    • Suga
    • J-Hope
    • Jimin
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    Recently Jungkook posted a video dancing to which song which became the third most liked tweet on Twitter?

    • BTS’s DNA
    • Justin Beiber’s Sorry
    • Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy
    • V’s Winter Bear
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    What is BTS’s company recently up to?

    • Training a new boy band
    • Shifting focus to TXT
    • Holding auditions for a girl group
    • Changing the motto “Music & Artist for Healing”
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    Where is the leader of the group, RM currently holidaying?

    • France
    • Italy
    • Dubai
    • UK
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    For which member’s birthday are the fans planning to create a forest?

    • Yoongi
    • Taehyung
    • Seokjin
    • Namjoon