Can You Solve The Mysteries Hidden In The DARK?

DARK FANS ASSEMBLE! This German series has taken the world by storm with it’s thrilling, complex, and intricately woven plot, spanning over several generations, at least 4 to 5 different timelines and even parallel worlds, all of which overlap and collide with each other through time travel and very literal holes(wormholes) in the fabric of the universe! What’s not to watch?! On that note, are you ready to dive into the world of DARK, and ace this quiz?

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    Who commits suicide in the first episode of the series?

    • Daniel Kahnwald
    • Michael Kahnwald
    • Ines Kahnwald
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    Who is the main supplier of marijuana in Jonas’ High School, who disappears and is later found dead?

    • Erik Obendorf
    • Bartosz Tiedemann
    • Magnus Nielsen
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    Who is the boy from 1980s whose body is found near the caves at the end of the first episode?

    • Peter Doppler
    • Mads Nielsen
    • Tronte Nielsen
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    What does the title of the book by H. G. Tannhaus, ‘Eine Reise durch die Zeit’ mean?

    • A Journey through Space
    • A Journey through Cosmos
    • A Journey through Time
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    What date does Mikkel wake up to after disappearing from 2019?

    • 4th November, 1986
    • 5th November, 1986
    • 6th November, 1986
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    Whom does Egon Tiedemann call ‘The White Devil’?

    • Claudia Tiedemann
    • Doris Tiedemann
    • Regina Tiedemann
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    Who is Ulrich Nielsen cheating on his wife with?

    • Charlotte Doppler
    • Regina Tiedemann
    • Hannah Kahnwald
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    What does the inscription ‘Sic mundus creatus est’ mean?

    • Thus the world was created
    • Thus the universe was created
    • Thus the mind was created
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    When does the apocalypse at Winden occur?

    • 12th June, 2020
    • 21st June, 2020
    • 27th June, 2020
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    What does Jonas find in the dead zone of the Winden power plant in 2053?

    • God Particle
    • Dark Matter
    • Liquid Plasma