Can you solve this quiz about YOU?

Psychological thriller series is always the most engaging. One cannot stop binge-watching the chilling story of Joe as he attempts to slowly take over the life of Beck. Take this quiz to check how much you know about this series.

  • Question of

    With whom does Beck “cheat” Joe with?

    • Lynn
    • Dr. Nicky
    • Ron
    • Roger Stevens
  • Question of

    Which supportive character was a stalker of Beck next to Joe?

    • Paco
    • Dr. Nicky
    • Lynn
    • Peach
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    Which book did Beck buy from the store where Joe works?

    • Desperate Characters
    • Desperate People
    • Desperate Housewives
    • Desperate Attempts
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    What is the name of the actual bookstore where it has been filmed?

    • Mooney’s Bookstore
    • Honey’s Bookstore
    • Logos Bookstore
    • Greene’s Bookstore
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    Which subway station was Beck at when she fell into the train tracks?

    • Brooklyn
    • Dyckman street
    • Citypark Avenue
    • Greenpoint Avenue
  • Question of

    How did Beck lose her phone?

    • Peach stole it
    • Joe stole it
    • Benji broke it
    • She lost it at a party.
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    According to Joe, what does Beck “need”?

    • Academic help
    • Luxury
    • Protection
    • Therapy
  • Question of

    What happens when Beck recites a poem in the bar during a night out with her friends?

    • She passes out before she is able to speak a word.
    • She gets a lot of appreciation.
    • No one listens to her.
    • She see Joe cheering for her.
  • Question of

    What is the name of the seventh episode in the series which describes Joe’s intentions?

    • After life
    • Everythingship
    • Marriage
    • Captivity
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    Which false name does Joe use to make acquaintance with Dr. Nicky?

    • Paco
    • Ron
    • Park
    • Paul