Dare to take this exciting quiz on the “Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina”. Show your passion by scoring more than 50%. So, are you ready?  All the best friends!

  • Question of

    What was the relation between Sabrina and harvey?

    • girlfriend-boyfriend
    • brother-sister
    • husband-wife
  • Question of

    Sabrina has also best friends. Can you tell their names?

    • Marie & Rosie
    • Roz & Susie
    • Satan & Rosie
  • Question of

    Who was celebrating his/her sixteenth birthday ?

    • Rosie
    • Nick
    • Sabrina
  • Question of

    Who was the Sabrina’s mortal teacher who was killed?

    • Satan
    • Wardwell
    • Ambrose
  • Question of

    What is the other name of three witches?

    • weird friends
    • weird cousins
    • weird sisters
  • Question of

    Sabrina’s friend, Susie, is being bullied by four players. To which sport are they all related?

    • football
    • Cricket
    • Hockey
  • Question of

    To whom did Sabrina want to spend her birthday’s last night with?

    • her friends
    • her family
    • her boyfriend
  • Question of

    What did Zelda & Hilda loose?

    • their houses
    • their powers
    • their jewellery
  • Question of

    In which book had Sabrina signed her name?

    • book of the powers
    • book of the logic
    • book of the beast
  • Question of

    For whom did Sabrina plan to find a way to stop?

    • Satan
    • Susie
    • Rosie