Exciting quiz on crime TV series!

Show love to the thriller and crime TV series with “Mindhunter”. Play and enjoy with its suspense scenes.

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    There are special agents of FBI in this crime TV series. In following options who is not the special agent of FBI?

    • Bill Tench
    • Holden Ford
    • Debbie Mitford
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    The girlfriend of Holden Ford was the Post Graduate student. Can you identify from which university has she studied?

    • University of Cambodia
    • University of Virginia
    • University of California
  • Question of

    Who did encourage Ford to seek additional education on the criminal mind?

    • Debbie
    • Bill Tench
    • Roger Wade
  • Question of

    Why did Ford go alone to interview Edmund Kemper?

    • Because he had to do some more important work
    • Because his phone rang at the same time
    • Because he had no interest
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    Of how many people Montie Rissell has murdered in Virginia?

    • 5 women
    • 5 men
    • 3 women and 2 men
  • Question of

    Why did Montie Rissell murder the second women?

    • because she didn’t resist rape
    • because she stole 2500$
    • because she was very talkative
  • Question of

    Who invited Ford to speak at elementary school?

    • Roger Wade, the Principal
    • Janet Ebner, the teacher
    • Bill tench, the FBI agent
  • Question of

    Principal Wade insists that tickling is a ________________ for the children.

    • Neutral Experience
    • Negative Experience
    • Positive Experience
  • Question of

    What did Ford buy for Jerry Brudos?

    • large pair of women’s shoes
    • extra large pair of women’s shoes
    • small sized pair of women’s shoes
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    Where did Carr flies in hopes of preventing from Death Panalty?

    • Rome
    • California
    • Pittsburgh