Gilmore Girls: Fall Edition Quiz

Fall is almost here! And what is a better way than to see the fall come while scooping inside a blanket with large cup of coffee or hot chocolate and binge watch Gilmore Girls.

Our girls are always here to delight us and give us the cosy fall feeling that we all deserve. I am sure you have also felt the comfort while watching Gilmore Girls or be it Lorelai smelling the snow. As for me, I cannot wait to smell the first snow and maybe tune in to “Where you Lead, I will follow”.

This quiz is for all of us who, like me cannot wait for the fall to come and know which Gilmore Girl I am!

  • Question of

    This or That?

    • Cozy reading day
    • Chill movie night
  • Question of

    Choose your winterwear

    • Sweaters
    • Jackets
  • Question of

    This or that?

    • Autumn festival with Rory
    • Dance marathon with Lorelai
  • Question of

    Choose a dessert

    • Apple pie
    • Pumpkin pie
  • Question of

    Pick a beverage

    • Hot chocolate
    • Pumpkin spiced latte
  • Question of

    If you lived in Stars Hollow, what would be your favourite fall activity

    • Antiquing in Mrs Kim’s shop
    • Shopping in Hartford
  • Question of

    What will be the best way to spend your thanksgiving?

    • Dinner at Gilmore’s
    • Dinner at Luke’s