Grey’s Anatomy, the challenging quiz!

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    On which condition did Meredith allow the people to be her roommates in season 1?

    • No nurses
    • No mucisians
    • No pets
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    From which of the following university did Cristina Yang not get the degree?

    • Stanford
    • Yale
    • Smith
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    what line did Derek always used to say before starting an operation?

    • let’s save a life
    • it’s a good day
    • it’s a beautiful day to save lives
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    Can you identify who is the creator of the series?

    • Michael Crichton
    • Shonda Rhimes
    • David Shore
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    what did Meredith Grey’s love to drink?

    • Tequila
    • Coffee
    • rum
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    How many interns were selected for latest crop at gery season 1?

    • 6
    • 7
    • 4
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    There is an intern to whom everyone called as “Nazi”. Who was she?

    • Alex karev
    • mirand bailey
    • Derek shepherd
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    who did get failed in the internship exam in the season 3 finale?

    • Izzie
    • George
    • karev
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    who was electrocuted in the season 9 finale?

    • ross
    • Jackson
    • Richard
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    what is the name of hospital in season 1?

    • Sloan west memorial
    • Seattle grace hospital
    • Seattle grey west