How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother Quiz – Can You Score 100% In This?

The journey was a long, but totally worth it. The love life of Ted Mosby was one ride that all of us thoroughly enjoyed and not to forget his amazing friends whom we all miss even today. Barney’s weird tricks to Robin’s Struggle to become an iconic journalist, all of us were a part of the memorable journey of each character.

Only true fans of How I Met Your Mother will be able to correctly answer all these questions. Take this quiz and find out if you need to watch the show again.

  • Question of

    What did Ted Mosby name his architectural firm?

    • Mosbius Designs
    • Evelyn Designs
    • Mosby Designs
  • Question of

    Barney lost his virginity at the age of?

    • 15
    • 20
    • 22
    • 23
  • Question of

    What did Marshall receive on his 16th birthday?

    • 5$ worth of quarters
    • Fiero
    • Lightsaber
  • Question of

    Which of the following is NOT Marshal’s famous catchphrase?

    • Don’t sleep on the Gouda
    • Death is all around us.
    • I’m cuddly bitch
    • I made me laugh.
  • Question of

    Where did Barney grew up?

    • Staten Island
    • Ohio
    • St. Cloud
    • Park Slope
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    Which actor voiced future Ted?

    • Bob Saget
    • Josh Radnor
    • Kris Kataan
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    After breaking up with Shannon,Barney worked as an employee at __________, while secretly working as FBI insider.

    • Altrucell Corporation
    • Goliath National Bank
    • Peace Corps
  • Question of

    What were the last words of Barney’s father before he left him when he was a child?

    • Never stop partying
    • A magician never reveals his greatest trick
    • What’s a magician’s best friend?
    • The night is going to be LEDENJERRY
  • Question of

    In the episode “The Leap” Barney actually confesses to Lily that he always wanted to be a __________.

    • A violinist
    • A buisnessmen
    • A FBI agent
    • A magician
  • Question of

    Who was the last girl Ted dated before he decided to settle down?

    • Jeanette Peterson
    • Stella Zinaman
    • Zoey Pierson
    • Victoria
  • Question of

    Where did Robin and Barney got married?

    • Farhampton
    • Atlantic City
    • Los Angeles
    • Hawaii
  • Question of

    Who called Blue French Horn as “The smurf Penis?”

    • Robin Scherbatsky
    • Barney Stinson
    • Ted Mosby
    • Lily Aldrin
  • Question of

    Which of the following is NOT a game invented by Mickey Aldrin?

    • Tijuana Slamboard
    • Diseases!
    • Slap Bet!
    • Baskice Ball
  • Question of

    Which was the only game that Robin played besides Ice Hockey?

    • Tennis
    • Baseball
    • Soccer
    • Larcosse
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    Who was Robin Scherbatsky’s celebrity teen crush?

    • Alan Thicke
    • Paul Shaffer
    • Simon
    • Old King Clancy