How many can you crack in this hard F.R.I.E.N.D.S trivia quiz?

How long have you been binge watching Friends? I bet you could have watched it a million times, just like me. Yet, there is a possibility that you would have missed the minute details on the show. No? So you say there is no such possibility? If you are the one who is constantly bragging about how well you know Friends, this trivia will test your knowledge. Try cracking all 15 questions below.

  • Question of

    Who is Phoebe’s friend from the streets?

    • Laurel
    • Lauriel
    • Lowell
    • Loren
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    Where did Rachel go with Barry when she met him for the first time?

    • Vermont
    • Vail
    • Venice
    • Vatican City
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    When is Ross’ birthday, as per his personal conversation with Joey?

    • December 18
    • November 18
    • October 18
    • September 18
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    What is the name of Joey’s Cabbage Patch Kid?

    • Alicia May Emory
    • Alicia May Cambrie
    • Alice May Memery
    • Alice May Emma
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    What was the prize money for the ‘Tri-State Baby Beauty Contest’?

    • $1000
    • $1500
    • $2000
    • $2500
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    What is the next line? “Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What are they feeding you? Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, It’s not your fault”

    • You’re obviously not their favorite pet
    • They won’t take you to the vet
    • They make you really wet
    • They do not like you yet
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    Who calls Chandler accidentally while trying to reach her ex-bf Bob?

    • Zoe
    • Jenna
    • Lauren
    • Jade
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    Who is hired in Season 2 to sing in Central Perk in place of Phoebe?

    • Stepahanie Schiffer
    • Leslie
    • Jasmine
    • Gloria
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    With whom did Bonnie make out when she was 15?

    • Rebecca
    • Robert
    • Ruth
    • George
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    Which character did Gunther play on “All my children”?

    • Bryce
    • Bruce
    • Brent
    • Ryan
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    How many times was Rachel’s birthday celebrated on the show?

    • 6
    • 4
    • 5
    • 3
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    What was Phoebe’s rat and mouse’s name?

    • Bob and Sophie
    • Bob and Susie
    • Bill and Sophie
    • Bobbie and Susie
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    Who is Mr.Treeger’s yoga teacher?

    • Yasmine
    • Lauren
    • Jasmine
    • Daisy
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    What question does Monica answer in the cooking class?

    • The difference between Hollandaise and Diane sauce
    • The difference between Mayonnaise and Diane sauce
    • The difference between Mayonnaise and Béarnaise sauce
    • The difference between Hollandaise and Béarnaise sauce
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    Who is Monica’s masseuse?

    • Angelina
    • Alexandra
    • Andromeda
    • Angelica