How much of an Arianator are you? Try to crack this ultimate quiz on Ariana Grande!

Hello everyone, we’re back with a new quiz related to your favorite singer.This quiz is on little things about her,that you ought to know. If you manage to get all correct,you’re the true Arianator. GOOD LUCK!

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    When Ariana found out she was allergic to bananas,what was the hashtag she used?

    • #NoBananaClub
    • #BanBananas
    • #NotAFanana
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    What was the Ariana’s fourth tattoo?

    • Crescent Moon
    • Bellissima
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    Which horror figure did Ariana apparently dress up as “all the times” when she was younger?

    • Michael Myers
    • Ghostface
    • Jason Voorhees
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    Which of the following producers has Ariana never collaborated with?

    • Diplo
    • Shrillex
    • David Guetta
    • Zedd
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    What non-single did Ariana perform at the 2015 GRAMMY Awards?

    • “My Everything”
    • “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart”
    • “You Don’t Know Me”
    • “Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”
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    What is the full name of Ariana’s character in ‘Scream Queens’?

    • Sonya Nerfmann
    • Sonya Herfmann
    • Sonya Berfmann
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    Select the song the lyrics belong to: Like a deadly fear I am, babe. On the highway to Hell, yeah.

    • Bang Bang
    • Break Free
    • Focus
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    Select the song the lyrics belong to: Hey, what happened to the butterflies?

    • Tattooed Heart
    • No
    • Honeymoon Avenue
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    Select the song the lyrics belong to: All them tears gon’ come and go

    • Be Alright
    • Dangerous Woman
    • Let Me Love You