How Well Do You Know Margot Robbie?

Hello guys, welcome back to BuzzFrag! We are back again with a brand new Quiz and this time it’s about the eternal Harley Quinn- Margot Robbie.

Margot Robbie is an Aussie actress who rose to fame after for her work in The Wolf of Wall Street. Her fame skyrocketed after stepping into the shoes of DC’s Character The Harley Quinn and never looked back.

Did you know?

  1. She attended a circus school where she was awarded a certificate in trapeze.It turned out to be quite useful in becoming Harley.
  2. She turned down a huge amount of money for featuring in  Playboy due to moral grounds.
  3. She beat Amber Heard,Blake lively,Teresa Palmer for her role in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.
  4. Her films have grossed nearly 1 billion.
  5. Margot still cherishes her childhood toys.

Speaking of toys it has always been every girl’s dream to possess atleast one Barbie doll.Guess what! Our favorite Margot Robbie is starring in and as Barbie in the upcoming movie.We are surely going to have a lot of fun watching our Margot in action as solving this Quiz.

So without much delay let’s play the quiz and also don’t forget to share the Quiz with your friends also.

Happy Quizzing!

  • Question of

    Margot Robbie grew up in-

    • Sydney
    • Gold Coast
    • Melbourne
  • Question of

    Her favourite sport is-

    • Tennis
    • Ice Hockey
    • Football
  • Question of

    She made her debut in the soap opera named-

    • Black Swan
    • Nightingale
    • Neighbours
  • Question of

    The Marvel superhero role she almost landed in-

    • Black Widow
    • Susan Storm
    • Scarlet witch
  • Question of

    Margot Robbie’s childhood nickname was-

    • Maggie
    • Maggot
    • Robin
  • Question of

    Margot was nominated for the academy award for the film-

    • Suicide Squad
    • The Wolf of Wall Street
    • I,Tonya
  • Question of

    Margot Robbie tattoed _____ her co-stars of Suicide Squad herself

    • SKWAD
    • PUDDIN
    • JOKR
  • Question of

    During Pan Am days Margot used to live with-

    • Cara Delevingne
    • Christina Ricci
    • Christina Aguilera
  • Question of

    What is Margot Robbie’s full name?

    • Elsa
    • Eloise
    • Elise
  • Question of

    She co-founded the production company-

    • MagicHat
    • LuckyChap
    • MagicPin