How well do you know Rick and Morty?

Are you a big fan of Rick’s inventions and his adventures with Morty? Test your knowledge on this sci-fi comic series by taking this trivia below and let us know your score.

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    What gadget invented by Rick gives access to all TV shows?

    • Television cable
    • Portal TV
    • Interdimensional cable
    • Universe Key
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    What is the name of Morty’s dog?

    • Tuffy
    • Snuffy
    • Snuffles
    • Snowman
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    Who is the creator of Anatomy Park?

    • Ruben
    • Xenon Bloom
    • Poncho
    • Roger
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    Where did Rick and Morty get the Yummy Yums’ Candy?

    • Candy Planet
    • Yummy Planet
    • Dimension Planet
    • Purge Planet
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    Who is Ice-T?

    • Morty’s friend
    • Rick’s assistantt
    • Singer
    • Rapper
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    What is Rick’s catchphrase?

    • Wubba Lubba dub dub
    • Rubba Lubbua dub dub
    • Bubba Lubba dub dub
    • Dubba Lubba dub dub
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    What type of show is Ball Fondlers?

    • Comedy
    • Action
    • Scientific
    • Romantic
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    Which of the robots developed by Rick developed emotions?

    • Mechanical Morty
    • Mechanical Rick
    • Butter Robot
    • Talking robot
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    Where were Rick and Morty imprisoned by the Collector?

    • Purge Planet
    • The Menagerie
    • Cronenberg World
    • Hideout planet
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    Who is the Smiths’ very good friend and a superstar from another dimension?

    • Mr.Puppybutthole
    • Mr.Poopants
    • Mr.Pooppants
    • Mr.Poopybutthole
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    Where does Beth work?

    • St.Louis Hospital
    • St.Equis Hospital
    • St.Marys Hospital
    • St.Thomas Hospital
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    Where is Anatomy Park built?

    • In Alphabetrium planet
    • In Resort Planet
    • Inside Ruben’s body
    • Inside Poncho’s body
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    Who is Summer’s ex-boyfriend?

    • Ethan
    • Tobby
    • Roger
    • Poncho
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    Who was assigned to treat Jerry when he consumed mutant bacteria?

    • Dr.Xenon Bloom
    • Rick
    • Dr.Glip Glop
    • Dr.Jellybean
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    Why did Beth take Tommy to Froopyland?

    • She did not like him
    • She was jealous of his loving father
    • He stole her belongings
    • He teased her