Stiles Stilinski

How Well Do You Know Stiles Stilinski from ‘Teen Wolf’?

Welcome back to BuzzFrag. One of the prominent characters on Teen Wolf is Stiles Stilinski. He is Scott McCall’s best buddy, who becomes a werewolf after being bitten by an alpha wolf. Stiles is the son of Noah Stilinski, who is the Sheriff of the Beacon Hills and is an army veteran. Since childhood, he has been Scott’s best friend.

Stiles joined the Teen Wolf Pack as its first member and assisted the team in combating numerous supernatural threats. He is a highly talkative, humorous, and sarcastic individual. Also, he is extremely sharp and intelligent, we have seen his wits helped solve many mysteries in Beacon Hills. Despite his dissatisfaction with Scott’s superhuman skills, he was cast as Robin, the sidekick to Scott’s Batman. Nonetheless, he has always been exceedingly loyal to Scott McCall and his best buddy.

Did You Know?

  • He Learned A Lot From Daddy

Stiles and his father have always had a tight relationship, which grew even stronger after they both sadly lost Stiles’ mother. Stiles appears to have picked up a lot of skills and education through his friendship with Noah, despite the fact that he is still a teenager.
  • He Had To Say Goodbye To Her Alone

Stiles’ sense of humour and levity don’t appear to be the type of personality and behaviours that someone with a truly dark and terrible past would have, but Stiles is a master at concealing his darker sides.

  • He’s Quite The Skilled Thief

Stiles is a really good thief, which is an easy character characteristic to overlook. He’s amazing at quietly snatching whatever he needs without anybody else seeing. But it’s strange because Stiles appears to be a clumsy and out-of-control person in general.

It’s time to take the quiz now and prove how much you really love Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf.

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  • Question of

    When is Stiles’ birthday?

    • June 12, 1995
    • June 15, 1995
    • June 15, 1996
    • June 12,1996
  • Question of

    Who Pushed Stiles Into The Iced Water Tub In Season 3?

    Stiles Stilinski
    • Isaac Lahey
    • Scott McCall
    • Lydia Martin
    • Sheriff Stilinski
  • Question of

    What Creature Took Control Of Stiles In Season 3?

    Stiles Stilinski
    • Chimera
    • Nogitsune
    • Kanima
    • Kitsune
  • Question of

    What Is The Name Of The Episode That Stiles Returned From The Ghost Riders’ Mystical Train Station?

    Stiles Stilinski
    • Relics
    • Memory Found
    • Riders of The Storm
    • Wolves Of The War
  • Question of

    What episode was Stiles taken by the Wild Hunt?

    • Memory Lost
    • Apotheosis
    • Raw Talent
    • Relics
  • Question of

    What is Stiles reading when he realises he can read again?

    • Writing on the school notice board
    • Warning sign on dad’s car
    • A page in his school textbook
    • A sign in the hospital
  • Question of

    Whose Newfound Heroism Was Making Stiles ‘Really Attracted To’ Him?

    • Derek
    • Theo
    • Isaac
    • Scott
  • Question of

    Why Did Lydia Kiss Him In Season 3?

    • He was having a panic attack
    • He was shouting at her
    • He saved her from Nogistune
    • He told her how he felt about her