How well do you remember the CW’s Flash Season 5?

The fifth season was undoubtedly a decisive one. As y’all know, the season follows Barry, a crime scene investigator with superhuman speed who fights criminals, including others who have also gained superhuman abilities, as he deals with the consequences of his future daughter’s time traveling.

Hope you find it that much interesting as much I do. Not taking much of your time, I’ll leave you with these interesting trivia’s. I hope you’ll like them. Good luck!

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    Who Creates Barry’s New Flash Suit In The Future?

    • Ray Palmer
    • Cisco Ramon
    • Ryan Choi
    • Hartlay Rathaway
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    How Did Iris Unlock The Power-Dampening Cuffs That Rag-Doll Placed On Barry?

    • She Overpowered Rag-Doll
    • She Tricked Rag-Doll Into Doing It Himself
    • She Tricked Rag-Doll Into Doing It Himself
    • She Threw Herself Off A Building After Him
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    Why Is Killer Frost Immune To Cicada’s Dagger?

    • Being A Result Of Flashpoint She Is An Anomaly
    • She Technically Isn’t A Meta
    • She’s From A Parallel Dimension
    • She Wasn’t Created By The Particle Accelerator Explosion
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    During The Elseworlds Crossover, Where Did Barry And Oliver Go When They Needed Help Proving They Had Swapped Bodies?

    • Earth-38
    • Earth-39
    • Earth-90
    • Earth-2
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    Where Was Barry During Nora’s Timeline Trouble?

    • Gotham City
    • In The Pipeline Due To Excessive Vibrating
    • In The Speed Force With The Metahuman Cure
    • Earth-38
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    Hope you’re enjoying the quiz. What Was Barry’s Codename During His Undercover Mission With Ralph?

    • The Crypt Keeper
    • The Calculator
    • The Dentist
    • The Chemist
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    Which Of The Following Episode Titles Belongs To The Show’s 100th Episode?

    • “What’s Past Is Prologue”
    • “The Girl With The Red Lightning”
    • “Elseworlds, Part 1”
    • “Legacy”
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    How Did Orlin Dwyer Die?

    • The Metahuman Cure Had An Adverse Effect On His Body
    • He Was Killed By A Meta That He Once Attempted To Kill
    • The Meta Tech Posioned His Blood
    • He Was Killed By His Own Niece
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    Which Earth Is Sherloque Wells From?

    • Earth-19
    • Earth-38
    • Earth-78
    • Earth-221
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    Complete Nora’s Statement From The Finale: “Sometimes…”

    • “Time Catches Up With You”
    • “All You Can Do Is Live With The Consequences”
    • “There Is No Other Way”
    • “You Have To Take Responsibility For Your Actions”