Insane Vampire Diaries Quiz

Insane Vampire Diaries Quiz: Can you score more than 60% in this quiz?

Dare to take this toughest challenge to clear this quiz of Vampire Diaries. I bet you can’t score more than 60% in this mind-boggling quiz. And if you do, you’re insane. The hardest Vampire Diaries quiz ever created on the internet. If anyone is able to crack this awesome quiz, you should consider doing our most popular Vampire Diaries quiz. GOOD LUCK!

  • Question of

    What witch has been resurrected several times on the show?

    • Carla
    • Bonnie
    • Caroline
    • Elena
  • Question of

    What is the name of the local hangout spot of Mystic Falls?

    • “The Grill”
    • “The Hut”
    • “The Squeeze”
    • “The Pit”
  • Question of

    What weapon had the ability to kill an original vampire?

    • Wood Bullets
    • White Oak Stake
    • Steel dagger
    • Glass stake
  • Question of

    Where was the pilot episode of the show filmed?

    • Virginia
    • Georgia
    • Washington
    • British Columbia
  • Question of

    Which character on the show is a witch?

    • Jeremy
    • Matt
    • Caroline
    • Bonnie
  • Question of

    Name the ‘Vampire Diaries’ spin-off show.

    • The Mikaelson Diaries
    • Blood Ties
    • The Strain
    • The Originals
  • Question of

    Who else carries the lycanthropic gene in the Lockwood family, other than Tyler?

    • His Brother
    • His Late Father
    • His Uncle Mason
    • His Mother
  • Question of

    Whose life is Elena’s tied to in the Season 6 finale?

    • Damon
    • Stefan
    • Caroline
    • Bonnie
  • Question of

    Of the choices below, which was NOT one that Elijah revealed to Elena in episode 19, “Klaus”?

    • Klaus was a hybrid, part vampire and part werewolf
    • He and Klaus were brothers
    • Klaus was the father of Katerina’s long lost baby
    • The Sun and Moon curse was a lie
  • Question of

    In 1994, why did Kai *not* murder his twin sister Jo after murdering most of his other siblings?

    • He needed to merge with Jo to retrieve all of her powers
    • She managed to escape him
    • He loved Jo the most so he spared her
    • She persuaded him not to kill her