Minor Characters In The Thor movies! MARVEL FANS, Can You Name Them All?

The Thor Franchise has always been a hit among all the Marvel fanatics, and has always enticed us with the fantastic storylines, intricate plots, great special effects, and thrilling action, leaving us wanting for more with every single movie. But that’s not all that makes up a movie, the key ingredient for a perfect blockbuster along with the story and plot are the characters. And it’s often the minute characters that set the plot in motion and keep it rolling. So is your knowledge about this part of the MCU enough to name all these minor, yet important characters from the franchise with absolute accuracy?

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    Can you name this fierce young man, a part of the Warriors Three who accompanied Thor and Loki to Jötunheim?

    • Hogun
    • Fandral
    • Hildegund
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    Name this ferocious beast that Hela often calls ‘Darling’

    • Surtur
    • Kurse
    • Fenris
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    Who is this character who assists Thor in the Sakaar Rebellion?

    • Korg
    • Miek
    • Biff
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    Another one of the lads who is a part of Warriors Three who passed away fighting for Asgard. Can you name him?

    • Glaive
    • Volstagg
    • Algrim
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    Can you name this characters who was the personal body guard to the Grandmaster at Sakaar?

    • Topaz
    • Tasba
    • Ebony
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    Who is this character that initially sided with Hela, but later sacrificed himself to save the people of Asgard?

    • Svelte
    • Destroyer
    • Skurge
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    What is the leader of the dark elves called?

    • Malekith
    • Laufey
    • Himinbjorg
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    Who is this gladiator of Sakaar, who died fighting for Asgardians too?

    • Bor
    • Hajo
    • Cull
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    Who’s this Krylorian woman who was a slave to the Collector, and was killed while unsuccessfully trying to harness the energy of the Power Stone?

    • Tasba
    • Cale
    • Carina
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    Name this brave Asgardian warrior who accompanied Thor, Loki, and the Warriors Three to the realm of Jötunheim?

    • Eir
    • Brunnhilde
    • Lady Sif