Only a true Riverdale fan can score 9/9 in this tricky Riverdale quiz

Take this quiz to see how much do you know about the season 1 of the famous Netflix show Riverdale.

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    Who was the incharge of the investigations of Jason Blossom’s death?

    • Sheriff Joey
    • Sheriff James
    • Sheriff Keller
    • Sheriff kloski
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    Whose car Dilton Doiley spotted near Sweet Water River on 4th of july?

    • Ms Grundy
    • Archie
    • Andrew
    • Mr Cooper
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    Who portrayed the character ofCheryl Blossom?

    • Lilli Reinhart
    • Medeline Petsch
    • Camila Mendes
    • Venessa Morgan
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    What was the title of the first episode of the series?

    • The River’s Edge
    • Body Double
    • A Touch of Evil
    • Heart Of Darkness
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    How did Jughead described the Cooper family?

    • The Gynoids of Riverdale
    • The fembots of Riverdale
    • The Stepfords of Riverdale
    • The Rich lads of Riverdale
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    What pet did Jason Blossom had?

    • A Vixen
    • A Bulldog
    • A Turtle
    • A Cat
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    Where did Jughead used to work at?

    • Twilight Drive In
    • King’s Cafe
    • Andrew Constructions
    • Monster Theater
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    What was the name of Jughead’s sister?

    • Venessa
    • Glady
    • Veronica
    • Jellybean
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    What was Riverdale’s largest business?

    • Wine
    • Whiskey
    • Wooden industry
    • Maple syrup