Riverdale is a new television series which has two seasons to date and the third releases soon. It is based on the comic book series, where character share same names. It starts with a new school year approaching and they get a missing case!!

Let’s test your brains!!

Answer the interesting questions below.

  • Question of

    What is the name of Cheryl’s brother?

    • Jackson
    • Jerry
    • Jason
    • Jason
  • Question of

    What is the name of group’s local hangout?

    • Pops dine and drive
    • Pops Chock ‘Lit Shoppe
    • Pops Shake and Shack
    • Pops burger Palooza
  • Question of

    Where did Betty and Archie first meet Veronica Lodge?

    • At Riverdale High
    • At Betty’s house
    • On the Southside
    • At pops chock’lit shoppe
  • Question of

    Who is the person who writes a novel on the mysterious events that keep happening in Riverdale?

    • Veronica
    • Archie
    • Jughead
    • Betty
  • Question of

    Archie was having a relationship with a teacher. What was the name of that teacher?

    • Miss Grundy
    • Miss alpine
    • miss Esther
    • miss Gertrude
  • Question of

    With whom was Jason dating?

    • Josie
    • Polly
    • Betty
    • Valarie
  • Question of

    The lodge family was residing in an apartment building. What was the name of that apartment?

    • Thorn hill estate
    • The fallburne
    • The pembrooke
    • The estate
  • Question of

    With what name is the all-girl band known, that plays at many Riverdale events?

    • River vixens
    • The Archies
    • Josie and the pussycats
    • Val and the pussycats
  • Question of

    What was the reason behind Betty and veronicas revenge against football player chuck?

    • His disrespect towards women
    • He cheated on Betty
    • He tried to get Cheryl arrested
    • He faked an injury to get out of the class
  • Question of

    Betty and Jughead started with a new school newspaper. What was the name of that school newspaper?

    • Riverdale stories
    • Tale of Riverdale
    • The register
    • The blue and gold