Riverdale Quiz: How Well Do You Know ‘Bughead’?

Welcome back to Buzzfrag. We’re back with another exciting quiz related to Riverdale- Bughead. In today’s golden age of television, there is nothing fans love more than a good ship — especially on Riverdale which has more than its fair share of ships. There’s Barchie, Choni, Varchie, Falice and let’s not forget about Bughead !Bughead is the name given to the romantic relationship between Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper. This relationship started as a friendship long before the Riverdale show started, but it soon progressed into a romantic relationship. Jughead and Betty confessed their love for each other soon after the Jubilee and they did make out.

Things took an interesting turn when the Riverdale villain Black Hood forced Betty to stay away from Jughead and break up with him. Betty loves Jughead a lot and she couldn’t come to terms with breaking up with Juggy and therefore she asked Archie to do it.

Most Unforgettable Bughead Moments of Riverdale:

  • Jug breaking in to help

When Chic’s dangerous associates threatened the Coopers’, Jughead brings in the Serpent’s to keep everyone safe. In the nick of time, Juggy angrily breaks through the Cooper’s door with the Serpent’s whipping out switchblades. Betty sly smile and sassy taunt reflect how strong she feels with Jughead.

  • Polly’s baby shower

As Veronica starts excitedly planning a baby shower, Jughead asks whether or not he should even be there. When Veronica insists that his job as Betty’s boyfriend, no one fights their new relationship status. Despite his initial reservations, Jughead dives headfirst into helping out in setting tables.

  • Inspiring Betty

With Polly drifting and all the drama in between the Coopers, Betty breaks down in front of hi. Jughead manages to lift her spirits. However by calling Betty the glue that holds her family together and urges her not to give up. Jones’ speech is not only a sign of love towards Betty but her family as a whole

So, if you’re a Bughead shipper, you’ll be able to answer questions that follows.

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  • Question of

    When the Twilight Drive-In was closed, Betty recommends which great films to Jughead?

    • The Breakfast Club
    • The Outsiders
    • Rebel Without a Cause
    • The Rebel
  • Question of

    Jughead visits Betty at her home after going to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy to look for Polly. How is he going to get past Alice?

    • He sneaks in through the basement.
    • He waits until Alice leaves and goes into the house.
    • None of the above
    • He uses a ladder to climb to Betty’s window.
  • Question of

    What does Jughead say to calm Betty down after learning her fears of inspiring the Black Hood to act?

    • “You’re not one of the bad guys. You’re Betty Cooper. Like ‘Nancy Drew’ meets ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’.”
    • “Betty Cooper, you are a force of good in the world. You’re not responsible for the actions of a madman.”
    • “You’re not responsible for the actions of some weirdo in a ski mask, Betty Cooper.”
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    Betty and Jughead had a dream of leaving Riverdale together. What renowned tragic couples do they compare themselves to while insisting that their storey would end happily?

    • Gatsby & Daisy
    • Romeo & Juliet
    • Heathcliff & Catherine
    • Orpheus & Eurydice
  • Question of

    Who Interrupted Betty and Jughead’s make out?

    • Alice Cooper
    • Cheryl
    • FP Jones
    • The South Side Serpents
  • Question of

    What Song Is Playing During Betty And Jughead’s First Kiss?

    • ‘If you see my boyfriend’ by Donora
    • ‘Lost’ by Emily Afton
    • ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons
    • ‘Waves’ by Dean Lewis
  • Question of

    What does Betty recall after their first kiss?

    • Where Polly was
    • The car
    • Where Jason’s killer is
    • Her Homework
  • Question of

    What reference does Jughead make to Betty?

    • Rose
    • Romeo
    • Sun
    • Yellow wallpaper