Take This Netflix Iron fist quiz to know more about the character

Netflix Iron fist of Marvel has an amazing storyline and we have come to know many things about the defenders of the Marvel universe. we all might have watched the series but only few can remember all the small details. so I have brought a quiz so you can test to know if you are a true fan of an iron fist. can you answer all correctly? find out yourself.

  • Question of

    what is the full name of Danny Rand?

    • Daniel Rand
    • wendell Rand
    • Daniel Thomas Rand-K’ai
    • Lei Kung
  • Question of

    where was Danny Rand for 15 years?

    • New York
    • Himalayas
    • K’un -lun
    • Tokyo
  • Question of

    Who was the villain in Season 2?

    • colleen wing
    • Harold
    • Davos
  • Question of

    Who trained Danny Rand in k’un-lun?

    • Lei Kung
    • luke cage
    • Yu-ti
    • Orson Randall
  • Question of

    What is the name of Danny Rand’s mother?

    • Heather duncan
    • jessica
    • Miranda
    • summer
  • Question of

    After how many years the k’un-lun portal appears

    • 9
    • 10
    • 11
    • 8
  • Question of

    who is the best friend of Iron Fist?

    • Jessica Jones
    • Davos
    • Luke cage
    • Frank castle
  • Question of

    what was the name of the place where colleen’s student practice?

    • chikara dojo
    • kun-lun
    • china martial arts
    • chita dojo
  • Question of

    By whom Harold brings back to life?

    • chaste
    • Iron fist
    • the hand
    • davos
  • Question of

    Who was the member of Hand?

    • colleen wing
    • ward
    • matt murdock
    • Joy