Take This Tough Stranger Things Trivia And Prove That You’re A True Fan!

If you’re a fan, you’ve probably rewatched Stranger Things a couple of times and while Season 3 still seems so far away, we can just have a few happy minutes by taking this quiz!

Let’s take this quiz to find out how big of a Stranger Things fan you actually are! XD

  • Question of

    Who opened the gate to the Upside Down?

    • Eleven
    • Demogorgon
    • Brenner
    • All of the above
  • Question of

    What book was Hopper reading to Sarah in the hospital?

    • Cinderella
    • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    • Anne of the green gables
    • James and the Giant Peach
  • Question of

    What is Dr. Brenner’s first name?

    • Richard
    • Derek
    • Martin
    • William
  • Question of

    How long was Will in the Upside Down?

    • 8 days
    • 7 days
    • 11 days
    • 6 days
  • Question of

    Who does Will’s dad live with at present?

    • His parents
    • His children
    • His girlfriend
    • His ex-wife
  • Question of

    Who finds Barb in the Upside Down?

    • Eleven
    • Will
    • Hopper
    • Joyce
  • Question of

    What does Eleven say when she sees herself in the dress and the wig in Season 1?

    • “amazing”
    • “me”
    • “pretty”
    • “ugly”
  • Question of

    What do Steve’s friends spray paint on the movie theater?

    • “Nancy loves Steve”
    • “Jonathan Sucks”
    • “Starring Nancy The Slut Wheeler”
    • “Jonathan is a loser”
  • Question of

    What does Mike build for Eleven to sleep in?

    • Pillow Fort
    • A house
    • Bunk beds
    • Tent
  • Question of

    What state are Max and Billy from?

    • Arizona
    • California
    • New York
    • L.A.
  • Question of

    What is the name of the boy’s school?

    • Indiana Middle School
    • Hawkins Middle School
    • Indiana Private School
    • Hawkins Central School
  • Question of

    What happened to Jim Hopper’s daughter?

    • She went to live with her mom when the got separated.
    • She died of cancer.
    • She was taken away by the doctors in the Hawkins laboratory.
    • She was killed by a wild animal.
  • Question of

    What was Eleven’s real name?

    • Jane
    • Sarah
    • Erica
    • Rachel
  • Question of

    What book was the name “Murkwood” created from?

    • Lord of the Rings
    • Frankestien
    • The Hobbit
    • Star Trek
  • Question of

    Is Will left-handed or right-handed?

    • Right
    • He could write properly with both hands.
    • Left