Test your memory with certain questions from GOT

Game of Thrones is a fantasised drama created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss and is based on A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. Did you know, GOT was filmed in Spain, Morroco, Malta, Iceland, Croatia, Canada, Belfast and The UK? Let’s see how much you know, these questions will test your memory.

  • Question of

    This family crest belongs to whom?

    • Forrester
    • Martell
    • Baratheon
    • Greyjoy
  • Question of

    What did Jon Snow call his Direwolf?

    • Grey Wind
    • Graham
    • Ghost
    • Gargamel
  • Question of

    What was the name of the other Stark child: Jon Snow, Arya, Sansa, Brandon, Rob and…. ?

    • Rickon
    • Eddard
    • Dickon
    • Ramsay
  • Question of

    Let’s see if you can find out about this crest, which family does it belong to?

    • Sarandon
    • Frey
    • Tyrell
    • Arryn
  • Question of

    What was the name of the band that made an appearance in the Purple Wedding?

    • Sigur Rós
    • Arcade Fire
    • The National
    • McBusted
  • Question of

    In the battle of Blackwater, what was the name given to the explosives by the Lannisters?

    • Wildfire
    • Dragonfire
    • Godsfire
    • Pantsonfire
  • Question of

    Who was called ‘The Queen of Thorns’?

    • E Jarvis Thribb
    • Olenna Tyrell
    • Margaery Tyrell
    • Cersei Lannister
  • Question of

    Daenerys said these words to Khal Drogo – ‘Shekh ma shieraki anni’. What does this mean?

    • ‘Moon of my life’
    • ‘Get in me wheelbarrow, love’
    • ‘Sound did silence me’
    • ‘My sun and stars’
  • Question of

    In the Red Keep, what was Pycelle’s officially called as?

    • Master of Coin
    • Games Maester
    • Grand Maester
    • Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
  • Question of

    This one is easy….

    • Greyjoy
    • Lannister
    • Forrester
    • Beowulf