The DRAGON BALL Z Villains! DBZ Fans, How Well Do You Know Them?

Several Anime and Manga series may come and go but none can be as magnanimous as the epic Dragon Ball series, with fandom of over several million, dedicated fans. And just like every great journey, the most memorable parts of it are the villains and the bad guys. So, DBZ FANS, do you think you know them well?

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    What form was the most formidable villain of the franchise, Frieza, in during his epic fight with Goku and Vegeta?

    • Base Form Frieza
    • Golden Frieza
    • Mecha Frieza
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    What action of Beerus in the Battle of Gods sends Vegeta into a fit of rage?

    • Beerus shoving Goku
    • Beerus insulting Vegeta
    • Beerus slapping Bulma
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    Who is the only mortal that a God of Destruction cannot defeat in the tournament of Power?

    • Jiren
    • Payer
    • Keely
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    What does Gowasu promote Zamasu to, in order to be able to visit the future of Babari?

    • Super Saiyan
    • Supreme Kai
    • Namekian
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    How did Goku and Vegeta defeat Janemba?

    • By fusing together to form Gogeta
    • By punching a hole through his chest
    • By fusing their offensive energy attacks
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    By what other name is Dr. Gero also known?

    • Bacterian
    • Artificial Human no. 20
    • Android enslaver
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    Who’s abilities does Cell share?

    • Android 18 & 19
    • Kale & Caulifla
    • Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza etc.
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    How does Cooler incarnate into Meta-Cooler-Core?

    • By merging with the Big Gete Star
    • By absorbing the energy of the fusion in the sun
    • By fusing with the Grand Supreme Kai
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    Who did Raditz come to the earth for and how were they related?

    • Vegeta; Childhood friends
    • Kakarot; Brothers
    • Evil Buu; Mortal enemies
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    What was the first form of Majin Buu that appeared on-screen?

    • Innocent Buu
    • Kid Buu
    • Super Buu