The Ultimate TVD Quiz- Dare to Take It

Caroline awakens after the night; she spent with Damon. Bonnie is worried about Elena being with Stefan as she felt something bad about Stefan. Elena arranges a dinner at his place so that Bonnie could know Stefan. After that, Tyler throws a rugby ball at Stefan to make a fool out of him. Stefan catches it. Elena suggests that Stefan should join the football team. Stefan asks Mr. Tanner, but he disagrees and gives him a chance to prove his skills. Then, Mr. Tanner allows him to join the football team. Elena and Bonnie prepare for the dinner. Elena mentions about witches, related with Bonnie. Next day, Stefan gives a necklace containing vervain to Elena to protect her.

  • Question of

    What is Isobel’s surname?

    • Bennett
    • Williams
    • Bryan
    • Flemming
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    Who wrote The Vampire Diaries book series?

    • Kevin Williamson
    • L.J. Smith
    • Julie Plec
    • Caroline Dries
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    Who is Elena’s father?

    • Tyler Lockwood
    • John Gilbert
    • Jeremy Gilbert
    • Klaus
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    What is Elijah’s surname?

    • Mikaelson
    • Gilbert
    • Cline
    • Samuels
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    In what episode does the first Original Vampire child get killed?

    • 3×09 – Homecoming
    • 3×15 – All My Children
    • 3×18 – The Murder of One
    • 2×20 – Do Not Go Gentle
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    Who said: “So women in the 21st century dress like prostitutes then?”

    • Rebekah
    • Kol
    • Klaus
    • Elijah
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    During which event did Alaric introduce himself to Damon?

    • New Year’s Celebration
    • Miss Mystic Falls Pageant
    • Fifties Decade Dance
    • Founder’s Ball
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    Which Original invites Elena to the Mikaelson ball?

    • Elijah
    • Klaus
    • Rebekah
    • Esther
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    What is the name of Matt’s werewolf best friend?

    • Matt
    • John
    • Elijah
    • Tyler
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    What is Stefan known as?

    • The Tormentor
    • The Evil One
    • The Ripper
    • The Shredder