The Office

The Office Quiz: How Well Do You Know Dunder Mifflin Quiz?

You’d be hard pressed to find a remake of The Office that was as popular as the original in the United States. While it was initially viewed as merely a faithful recreation of the original UK Office, the show quickly distanced itself from the show it was based on.

The second season shifted away from the UK version’s desaturated and gloomy tone and became more vivid and vibrant. It resulted in a show that finally felt like it had found its own voice. As a result, the US Office became one of the most successful sitcoms in general.

For nine seasons, viewers watched as the characters developed and matured while delivering witty one-liners. While opinions on following seasons may have been varied once Steve Carell’s Michael Scott left. The programme still managed to provide a spectacular final episode that remains a show highlight.

Even still fans binge watch the show from front to back. And that is something that will definitely help if you want to get 100% on this quiz! It’s time to see how much you really remember the show!

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  • Question of

    Which club does Karen Filippelli belong to?

    • Planning Parties Commission
    • Party Planning Committee
    • The Committee To Plan Parties
    • Party Plans Club
    • Party Planner Committe
  • Question of

    What’s the security guard’s name?

    • Hank
    • John
    • Glenn
    • Jack
  • Question of

    In S1E2 “Diversity Day”: What famous comedian’s stand up routine does Michael imitate?

    • Chris Rock
    • Richard Pryor
    • Robin Williams
    • George Carlin
  • Question of

    In S2E8 “Performance Review”: Who does Michael quickly dismiss saying “You were totally satisfactory this year”?

    • Oscar
    • Angela
    • Kevin
    • Dwight
  • Question of

    In S9E5 “Here Comes Treble”, the character of Broccoli Rob was played by which comedian?

    • John Stewart
    • Steven Colbert
    • Conan O’Brien
    • Craig Ferguson
  • Question of

    In S9E7 “The Whale”, a new assistant is appointed for Jan in exchange for her giving Dunder Mifflin the Scranton White Pages’ business. What is the name of her assistant?

    • Pete
    • Clark
    • Hunter
    • Nate
  • Question of

    In the episode named “Dwight Christmas”, which Christmas movie does Pete have memorized line by line?

    • A Christmas Story
    • Home Alone
    • Die Hard
    • Christmas Vacation
  • Question of

    Who was TexasPoonTappa in S9E18 “Promos”?

    • Nellie
    • Andy
    • Toby
    • Clark
  • Question of

    How many minutes has Michael Scott worked at Dunder Mifflin?

    • 9,976,000
    • 9,966,000
    • 9,986,000
    • 9,99,000