The Ultimate “RIVERDALE” Quiz!- Can You Pass It?

Riverdale has continued to awe us and we have been binge watching it regularly. The loveships, friendships, heartbreaks and togetherness taught from American teen drama television series based on the characters of Archie Comics is impeccable. The first episode aired on 26 Jan 2017, since then it has become one of the most loved TV series and have never failed to leave their fans awestruck. But, are you sure you know everything about the Riverdale, check your knowledge by playing this awesome trivia. Share it with your friends and family as well. Stay home, stay safe. Let us know your scores in the comment section. Good Luck!

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    Firstly, an easy peasy: In the beginning of the series,”what is the name of Cheryl’s brother?

    • Jerry
    • Jackson
    • Jason
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    What is the name of the group’s local hangout?

    • Pop’s Dine N’ Drive
    • Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe
    • Pop’s Burger Palooza
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    Who is writing a novel on the mysterious events that keep happening in Riverdale?

    • Jughead
    • Betty
    • Veronica
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    What is the name of Archie’s teacher he was secretly having a relationship with?

    • Miss Grundy
    • Miss Alpine
    • Miss Esther
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    What is the name of the school newspaper Betty and Jughead start up?

    • The Register
    • The Blue and Gold
    • Tale of Riverdale
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    Why do Betty and Veronica seek revenge against football player Chuck?

    • He cheated on Betty.
    • His disrespect towards woman.
    • He tried to get Cheryl arrested.
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    What is the name of the all-girl band that plays at many Riverdale events?

    • River Vixens
    • The Archie’s
    • Josie and the Pussycats
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    What is the name of the apartment building where the Lodge family resides?

    • The Pembrooke
    • The Estate
    • The Fallburne
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    Why did Cheryl wear a white dress to her brother’s funeral?

    • It was her least favorite color.
    • That was the dress code.
    • It was the one she was wearing the day he disappeared.
    • It was Jason’s least favorite color
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    Why was Jughead so upset about the drive-in closing?

    • It was his only source of income.
    • It was his temporary home.