The Walking Dead Quiz: Can you score more than 33% in this?

It is time to find out if you are a true fan of Walking Dead or did you watch it only for the zombies? Prove us if you are an ardent fan of this most trending series by acing this quiz below.

  • Question of

    What is Rick’s signature weapon?

    • Beretta
    • Colt M16A4
    • Colt Python
    • Stryker Strykezone
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    Whose pet walkers did Milton get to perform his experiments?

    • Andrea
    • Michonne
    • Chester
    • Amy
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    Who is the longest living child in the “Walking Dead” series?

    • Carl
    • Morgan
    • Rick
    • Beth
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    What is the shape of the necklace that Andrea wanted to giver Amy?

    • Heart
    • Mermaid
    • Flower
    • Arrow
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    Who takes care of Abuela in the Atlanta Nursing Home?

    • Felipe
    • Mr. Gilbert
    • Glenn
    • Guillermo
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    What does Jacqui say she misses the most?

    • Her brothers
    • Coffee maker
    • Weapons
    • Her parents
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    What is Lucille?

    • Revolver
    • Machine Gun
    • Wooden baseball bat
    • Explosive
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    What was Glenn’s job?

    • Pizza delivery
    • Clerk at book store
    • Plumber
    • Ticket collector
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    How was Judith Grimes born?

    • Normal birth by Lori herself
    • C-section performed by Maggie
    • Hershel helped in Judith’s birth
    • Premature birth
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    What is the name of Ezekiel’s pet?

    • Nelly, the horse
    • Tabitha, the goat
    • Vishnu, Indian Lion
    • Shiva, the Bengal tiger
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    Who killed Morgan’s son?

    • Rick Grimes
    • Jenny Jones
    • Daryl Dixon
    • Benjamin
  • Question of

    What did Euegene lie to his companions?

    • He is a zombie
    • He has killed people
    • He is a scientist
    • He is gay
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    Where was Sophia bitten by a walker?

    • Left shoulder
    • Left leg
    • Left arm
    • Left cheek
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    Who nicknamed Judith as ‘Lil Ass Kicker’?

    • Daryl Dixon
    • Shane Walsh
    • Maggie Greene
    • Rick
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    What is Michonne’s signature weapon?

    • Franchi SPAS
    • Norinco
    • Katana
    • Mossberg