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This Fun Spider-Man Quiz Is Going Viral Over The Internet!

Hello and Welcome back to BuzzFrag! We’re back with yet another very exciting Quiz for the Spider-Man fans out there! So suit up and get ready!

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ was released a few days ago and it has taken the world by storm! The movie was filled with many nostalgic scenes and it was hard to take our eyes off the screen for the entirety of the show. We won’t spoil the movie for you but we strongly recommend you to watch the movie!

Did you know?

While the ‘Spider-Man’ series(played by Tobey Maguire) and Marvel’s Spider-Man had three movies each, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ only had two movies, and it is rumoured that a third movie could be made in the future.

The origin of Spider-Man dates back to 1962, when he first appeared in the comic book ‘Amazing Fantasy #15’. In the cinematic industry, the first Spider-Man movie was released in May 2002, with Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker. The Sam Raimi directed movie was loved by people all over the globe and it became a hit. The movie was followed by Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man 3. Later released ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and it’s sequel, with Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. In 2016, we witnessed the first appearance of the ‘Marvel’ Spider-Man, played by the popular actor Tom Holland.

Well, now it’s time for the test! Do you think you’re a true Spider-Man fan? Let’s see if you can use your ‘Peter-tingle’ and get all answers right in this fun Spider-Man Quiz!

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    In which Marvel Movie did Tom Holland make his first appearance as Spider-Man?

    • Spider-Man: Homecoming
    • Captain America: Civil War
    • Avengers: Infinity War
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    Which actor plays the role of Dr. Otto Octavius?

    • Alfred Molina
    • Willem Dafoe
    • James Franco
  • Question of

    In which year was The Amazing Spider-Man 2 released?

    • 2012
    • 2013
    • 2014
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    What was the name of the Intelligence system used by Peter Parker to gain control over the drones in ‘Far From Home’?

    • JARVIS
    • EDITH
    • FRIDAY
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    Who reports it to the world that Peter Parker is Spider-Man?

    • Iron-Man
    • Aunt May
    • J Jonah Jameson
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    Who was the villian in The Amazing Spider-Man?

    • Vulture
    • Lizard
    • Sandman
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    Which popular female actor plays the role of Peter Parker’s love interest in Marvel’s Spider-Man movies?

    • Zendaya
    • Elizabeth Olsen
    • Anya Taylor-Joy
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    Who murdered Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

    • Electro
    • Green Goblin
    • Vulture
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    Peter Parker’s aunt, known for giving him sage advice, is named after

    • A food item
    • A month
    • A holy book
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    Whom does peter give the infinity gauntlet to, in the final fight in Avengers: Endgame?

    • Iron Man
    • Rescue
    • Captain Marvel