This Is The Hardest Vikings Quiz On The Internet- Dare To Take It

Vikings have been our favourite series and we can’t wait but to scoop into it more so that we don’t ever have to escape from the world of Vikings. As much as we love the series, this trivia will only make us test our fandom. So, get started already!

  • Question of

    Whom Ragnar Lothbrok killed to become an Earl of Kategatt?

    • Rollo
    • Haraldson
    • Siggy
    • Knut
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    Name the place where Ragnar and his crew first reached after sailing west?

    • Ireland
    • Denmark
    • Lindisfarne
    • Russia
  • Question of

    How Ragnar’s daughter Gyda died?

    • Killed while raiding
    • Plague
    • Fell from mountains
    • Drowned
  • Question of

    What did Vikings call their heaven?

    • Valhalla
    • Paradise
    • Nirvana
    • Hades
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    How Ragnar killed Jarl Borg?

    • By hanging
    • Stealth assassination
    • In a war
    • Blood eagle
  • Question of

    Following the separation of Lagertha from Ragnar, she became the earl of-

    • Orkney
    • Kategatt
    • York
    • Hedeby
  • Question of

    Bjorn ironside was the son of-

    • Lagertha
    • Aslaug
    • Kwenthrith
    • Judith
  • Question of

    Why emperor Charles offerred Rollo a vast area of land in Frankia and the title of “Duke”?

    • Emperor Charles believed he would be the best husband for Princess Gisla
    • Rollo was the son of Emperor Charles
    • To defend Paris from future attacks by Ragnar Lothbrok
    • To trade with Vikings
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    Who killed Ragnar Lothbrok?

    • King Alfred
    • King Aelle
    • King Aethelwulf
    • King Harald Finehair
  • Question of

    Which place was discovered by Floki?

    • North America
    • Sicily
    • Iceland
    • China