True Fan of The Kissing Booth Score 10/10 in Quiz

Hi friends, I am back with exciting questions about the Netflix drama “The Kissing Booth”. A true fan will score 10/10 in the toughest quiz. Are you ready?

  • Question of

    The Kissing Booth is the adaption of

    • 13 Reasons Why
    • The Kissing Booth
    • Oilver Twist
  • Question of

    Who was born on a same date, time, day and in a same hospital?

    • Noah & Elle
    • Lee & Elle
    • Elle & Noah
  • Question of

    Who gets kissed by Elle in the blindfold kissing booth game?

    • Warren
    • Lee
    • Noah
  • Question of

    Who the girlfriend of Lee?

    • Elle
    • Rachel
    • Mrs. Flynn
  • Question of

    What Elle and Lee do in the High School carnival?

    • Dance Floor
    • Kissing Booth
    • Light Stage
  • Question of

    How Lee and Noah are related to each other?

    • Friends
    • Brothers
    • Cousins
  • Question of

    Who harasses Elle when she goes to school wearing a short skirt?

    • Tuppen
    • Noah
    • Lee
  • Question of

    Who is the writer of The Kissing Booth Book?

    • Bryan King
    • Jacob Elrodi
    • Beth Reekles
  • Question of

    The shooting of “The Kissing Booth” movie took place in

    • London & Japan
    • South Africa & New York
    • Los Angeles & Cape Town
  • Question of

    Noah leaves his High School and go to

    • Howard University
    • Hangout with friends
    • Go to Spain for vacation