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  • Question of

    Why did Ross make a fake Ben?

    • Because he was lonely
    • Because he did not want to help Monica pack
    • Because he missed him
    • Because he was high
  • Question of

    What was Emma’s first word?

    • Mommy
    • AAHH
    • Gleeba
    • Dada
  • Question of

    Which 2 copies of soundtrack did Chandler own?

    • Purple Rain
    • House Party
    • Mermaids
    • Miami Vice
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    Which beer company did Marcel star in?

    • Monkeyshine
    • Tuborg
    • Harpoon
    • Bud
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    Why was Carol late for her delivery?

    • She and Susan went to buy Chunkies
    • She was sleeping
    • She did not know her water broke
    • She could not get a cab
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    What colour scarf did Gavin gave to Rachel?

    • Red
    • Black
    • Green
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    What did Monica call Chanoey as in the first season?

    • Best buds
    • Lenny and Squiggy
    • Chanoey
    • mis bebes
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    What was Joey’s fake name?

    • Ken Adams
    • Mark Johnson
    • Joseph Stallon
    • Hank Mitchell
  • Question of

    Which state did Ross mention twice in Chandler’s game?

    • Florida
    • Nevada
    • Texas
    • Alaska
  • Question of

    What Scrabble tiles did Marcel swallow?

    • B, N, J
    • J, K, H,
    • T, Y ,U
    • M, K, O
  • Question of

    What did Mondler get Joey when they announced they were moving?

    • A playboy
    • Some girl’s phone number
    • A meatball sub
    • A Nicks jersey
  • Question of

    What was the twins’ names?

    • Shelly and Noelle
    • Jack and Erica
    • Lisa and Matt
    • Sophie and Liam
  • Question of

    Which balloon went loose in the first season?

    • A big heart balloon
    • A basketball balloon
    • The Underdog
    • A Knicks balloon
  • Question of

    Whose pizza did the girls receive?

    • George Stephanopolous’s
    • Joey’s
    • Ross’s
    • Carol’s
  • Question of

    What was Monica’s drink?

    • A mimosa
    • A screwdriver
    • Gin and Tonic
    • Scotch on the rocks with a twist