Which character are you from the Golden Trio?

Harry Potter, Ronald Weasely, and Hermoine Granger, the Golden Trio who are all came together and formed the most important part of our childhood. They all represented the different aspects of life with the best qualities as well as the worst qualities and helped us all find ourselves in them. They are not perfect but they taught us the most important lessons of our lives.

Take this quiz and find out which member are you from the Golden Trio?

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    The dates for the exams are declared. What do you do?

    • Wait till the very last day and then study whatever I can in one night.
    • Try to start studying but fail and then do everything one week prior the examination
    • Start making notes and make sure that I revise everything twice before exams
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    How do you feel when your siblings are doing better than you?

    • I will feel happy for them.
    • I will feel a bit insecure and try harder.
    • I will feel happy but I will immediately start working harder.
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    How do you feel when your opinion is not regarded seriously ?

    • I am okay with it
    • Irritated
    • Angry
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    Select a movie.

    • Martian
    • Pacific Rim
    • Interstellar
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    Which is the most important trait from the following ?

    • Bravery
    • Loyalty
    • Intelligence
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    How would you feel if your best friend is dating your sister ?

    • Happy
    • A bit irritated but it is okay
    • Happy but worried
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    What is the first thing that happens to you when you encounter a difficult situation?

    • Do the first thing that comes in my mind
    • I freak out
    • I immediately start thinking about the possible ways to tackle it
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    How do you spend your time during vacations?

    • Playing sports
    • Travelling with my family
    • Reading books and joining new clubs
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    Do you easily get along with new people?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Depends on what kind of people they are
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    Are you quick at making decisions?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes
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    What is your best quality according to your family ?

    • Bravery
    • Loyalty
    • Honesty
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    Would you participate in an activity with your best friend that might embarass you in front of a large crowd?

    • Yes,without a doubt
    • Yes, but I will try to minimize the damage
    • Depends on the situation
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    What is your worst quality according to your friends?

    • Stubborness
    • Short temper
    • Trying to control everything
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    Select an animal

    • Deer
    • Lion
    • Elephant
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    Someone is being bullied, what do you do?

    • Confront the bully and stop him
    • Quickly walk away unless it is someone close to me
    • Complain about it to the authorities quickly