Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S girl are you – Monica, Phoebe or Rachel?

Monica, Rachel and Phoebe have given us “BFF Goals” since the start of the show. When Rachel left Barry at the altar, when Monica wanted to move in with Chandler and when Phoebe decided to carry her brother’s triplets, the girls have always been there for each other. They have taught us that “Boyfriends are gonna come and go, but this is for life”!

Take this quiz to know if you are more like Rachel, Phoebe or Monica.

  • Question of

    What are your most used Instagram hashtags?

    • #OOTD, #DaddysLilPrincess, #FriendsForLife, #Shopaholic
    • #FoodPorn, #FitnessFreak, #BrideToBe, #OCD
    • #Vegan, #MusicMonday, #InstaCool, #BFFs
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    How would you react if your boyfriend breaks up with you?

    • I will sulk for the next 20 days and then slowly get over him
    • It will be hard but there are so many guys out there
    • I would probably break up with him before he does
  • Question of

    Pick a movie

    • Footloose
    • Sex and the City
    • Ratatouille
  • Question of

    What is your style like?

    • Classy
    • Casuals
    • Whatever I like for the day
  • Question of

    What do you and your friends do while lounging around?

    • Gossip about the latest movies, relationships and fashion
    • Play some board games
    • Singing and recording funny videos of yourselves
  • Question of

    What is your worst nightmare?

    • What if I never find a soulmate?
    • Getting too fat that my favorite clothes don’t fit me
    • What if people cut all the trees eventually?
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    How often do you cry?

    • I cry even for the simplest things
    • I cry only for serious issues
    • I never cry
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    What do you do when your friends come home?

    • I make sure they are served tea & snacks
    • I show them the dresses and footwear I recently bought
    • Play with your pet
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    What type of people do you hate?

    • People who try to control me
    • People who are not punctual
    • Cheaters
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    Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S guy is your favorite?

    • Ross
    • Chandler
    • Joey