Who did what in 13 reasons why… Let’s see who knows 13 reasons why better

13 REASONS WHY follows the story of Hannah baker a teen who committed suicide due to certain reasons. It is an American teen drama television series that gives a certain idea regarding the teen facing problems based on today’s generation.

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    Which teacher brings Hannah and Jessica together?

    • Mrs. Antilly
    • Mrs. Tillma
    • Mr. Porter
    • Mrs. Tilly
  • Question of

    What was the name of the paper run Ryan?

    • List-N -Things gazette
    • Word -of-Mouth gazette
    • Lost-N-Found gazette
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    What’s the name of the cinema that Hannah and clay worked for?

    • Crestmont
    • Crestly
    • Crest
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    What type of car does Tony drive?

    • Mini cooper
    • Benz
    • Mustang
    • 66 Ford Mustang
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    What’s the name of the cafe that Hannah, Jessica, and Alex used to meet?

    • Manet’s
    • Monet’s
    • Mac’s
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    What was the name of the school were Hannah studied?

    • Freedom high school
    • Liberty high school
    • Penn high school
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    Hannah leaves behind——- to explain why she ended her life?

    • Tapes
    • Handwritten notes
    • Video blogs
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    What was the vehicle preferred by clay?

    • Walking
    • Cycle
    • Car
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    What beverages were ordered by Hannah and Jessica?

    • Coffee
    • Hot chocolate
    • Cappuccino
    • Wine
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    At which place Hannah had her first kiss?

    • car
    • Theatre
    • Playground