You Belong To The Crew Of Detectives Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine If You Can Ace This Quiz

Brooklyn 99 is all about a group of detectives attempting to recognize the littlest, most significant realities to understand genuine violations. Likewise dirty tricks, however for the most part that wrongdoing stuff.

Perceive how well you recall the Bet, the sentiments, the official weaknesses, and obviously, Jake’s silly comical inclination. In the event that you can respond to these inquiries without an issue, you may simply be removed to work at the Nine-Nine. Get your identification and weapon, at that point hit the boulevards to check whether you can comprehend these inquiries regarding our preferred people from Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

Perceive how well you recall the Bet, the sentiments, the official shortcomings, and Jake’s ludicrous comical inclination. Take a definitive Brooklyn 99 Quiz now!

  • Question of

    Jake and Amy have a bet about who can get the most arrests. What is the final score?

    • Jake: 103, Amy: 94
    • Jake: 99, Amy: 90
    • Jake: 84, Amy: 93
    • Jake: 93, Amy: 84
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    Cheddar is the name of whose dog?

    • Captain Holt
    • Jake
    • Charles
    • Rosa
  • Question of

    Who won ‘Boyle Bingo’?

    • Amy
    • Jake
    • Gina
    • Terry
  • Question of

    Amy played which instrument in high school?

    • Clarinet
    • French horn
    • Bassoon
    • Double bass
  • Question of

    When Jake and Sophia stay at the Maple Drip Inn, which room do they get?

    • Dolls Ahoy!
    • The Doll Room
    • The Room of a Thousand Dolls
    • Baby Doll Getaway
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    When Gina and Terry perform together after Floorgasm dances her out, what name does she give them?

    • Sex Patrol
    • Dance-y Reagan
    • Floorgasm
    • Mr. and Mrs. Terry Jeffords
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    When playing “Never Have I Ever” at Amy’s bachelor party, what’s the one thing Amy has actually done?

    • Had Sex In The Back Of Squad Car
    • Changed Lanes Without Signalling
    • Had A One Night Stand With A Guy In Band
    • Left A Movie Before The Credits Finished
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    Name the guest star who plays Jack Danger from USPIS.

    • Adam Sandler
    • Ed Helms
    • Oscar Nunez
    • Sterling K. Brown
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    What’s the name of the horse who gets the highest honor instead of Boyle?

    • Sergeant Peanut Butter
    • Lieutenant Pony
    • Sergeant Sweetcakes
    • Lieutenant Black Beauty