Your Childhood Was Awesome If You Are Able To Crack This ‘Hannah Montana’ Quiz!

Miley Cyrus may be a household name these days. But many of us first became acquainted with her through Hannah Montana. The entire world was enthralled by her portrayal of Miley Stewart, a typical adolescent who secretly doubled as a superstar named…Hannah Montana. It’s one of the best Disney Channel shows ever, from the soundtrack to the screenplay.

To say Hannah Montana was a huge hit on the Disney Channel would be an understatement. The exhibit was such a hit that it generated a North American tour, as well as 3D concert films, feature films, soundtracks that corresponded to each season’s Hannah Montana goods, and a cottage business. Hannah Montana is without a doubt Disney’s most popular sitcom.

Miley makes every effort to keep Hannah’s identity hidden from practically everyone she knows. She’s also deceiving her best pals to keep her secret hidden at the start of the episode. She can only live a regular life if she keeps her alter ego hidden, which is crucial for her and her father. Nonetheless, it eventually reveals to the world everything that aids it in finally becoming free of the weight. We created this Hannah Montana quiz to remind you of this fantastic show. But,

Did You Know?

  • Miley & Lilly weren’t exactly BFFs off-screen

They played besties through and through on television, but the real Miley revealed in her 2009 memoir Miles to Go that things weren’t as lovey-dovey between herself and her co-star Emily as they were between their characters. She admitted that the girls were competitive with each other and had a rough start from the get-go.

  • Every Hannah Montana episode name came from somewhere specific

The title of each HM episode didn’t just come out of nowhere. Each episode title is actually a clever play on a famous song.

  • Despite playing the titular role, Cyrus said she was “probably the least paid person” from the cast.

“I just wanted to be on TV,” the singer told Elle in a 2016 cover story. “I mean, at one point — they’ll probably kill me for saying it — I was probably the least paid person on my cast because I didn’t know any better.”

  • Question of

    Fist things first. Name the first episode of Hannah Montana

    • ‘Miley Get Your Gum’
    • ‘Sweet Home Hannah Montana’
    • ‘Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret?’
    • ‘Torn Between Two Hannahs’
  • Question of

    What was the name of Miley’s first love?

    • Oliver Oken
    • Jake Ryan
    • Rico Suave Jr.
    • Joe Lamott
  • Question of

    Who was Lily’s long-time celebrity crush ?

    • Orlando Bloom
    • Denzel Washington
    • Enrique Iglesias
    • George Clooney
  • Question of

    Which actress played Miley’s mom?

    • Brooke Shields
    • Dolly Parton
    • Helena Bonham Carter
    • Loretta Lynn
  • Question of

    Which episode did Noah Cyrus not make a cameo appearance?

    • ‘Bad Moose Rising’
    • ‘Achey Jakey Heart:Part2’
    • It’s a Mannequin’s World
    • Everybody Was Best Friend Fighting
  • Question of

    How many times was the show nominated for an Emmy?

    • 0
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
  • Question of

    What’s the name of Mikayla’s hit song in the series?

    • ‘Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic’
    • ‘If Cupid Had A Heart’
    • ‘Lights, Camera, Fashion
    • ‘Superstar Girl’
  • Question of

    Okay the last one! Finish this Hannah Montana Lyrics: “You get the best of both worlds. Chill it out, take it slow, then you ____ “

    • Go with the flow
    • Just can’t say no
    • Rock out the show
    • Can’t wait to go