Which Intern Are You From Grey’s Anatomy- Take The Quiz To Know!

America’s longest running primetime medical drama series, Grey’s Anatomy, has been renewed for its 17th season now, and fans couldn’t have been happier! Be it happy moments or heartbreaking ones, this show has taken as on a roller coaster ride throughout all of its seasons and fans have always stuck by it through thick and thin! So while we wait, wouldn’t you like to try and see which character from the show you’d be if you were a part of it?

  • Question of

    Which of these is your favourite dessert?

    • Chocolate covered donuts
    • Tiramisu
    • Banana Cream Pie
    • Coffee ice cream
  • Question of

    What kind of a kid were you in High School?

    • The rebellious ’emo’ kid
    • The kid who topped the class
    • The sporty kid
    • The one who was a part of the School band
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    What’s your blood type?

    • AB–ve
    • O+ve
    • B+ve
    • I don’t really know, to be honest
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    What kind of beverage out of these is your favourite?

    • Tequila
    • Wine
    • Single malt Scotch
    • Craft Beer
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    Which food out of these do you absolutely hate?

    • Caviar
    • Strong smelling cheese
    • Baked beans
    • Veal
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    Who out of these would be your emergency contact?

    • Alex Karev
    • Meredith Grey
    • Cristina Yang
    • Amelia Shepherd
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    Which of these is your favourite fragrance?

    • Lavender
    • Sandalwood
    • Pine
    • Ocean
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    What is your preferred means of commute to work everyday?

    • Carpool or public transport
    • Motorcycle
    • Private car
    • It doesn’t really matter, I don’t have a preference
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    How emotionally expressive are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

    • A solid 11!
    • 03
    • 6.5
    • 7.5
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    What are you watching on Netflix?

    • YOU
    • Peaky Blinders
    • Money Heist
    • Vikings