How well do you remember these GREY’S ANATOMY crisis episodes?

Shonda Rhimes is the successor of J.K. Rowling when it comes to killing off your favourite characters. We cannot deny the fact that she builds mind-blowing catastrophes and never fails to keep us on the edge. Test your knowledge about these bizarre happenings in the life of “Dark and Twisty” Meredith Grey.

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    1. Which of the following characters was not in the plane crash of the season 8 finale?

    • A. Dr. Derek Shepherd
    • B. Dr. Jackson Avery
    • C. Dr. Arizona Robbins
    • D. Dr. Cristina Yang
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    2. Which of the interns was the one to correctly guess that the man had an explosive inside the body in the episode “It’s the end of the world”?

    • Meredith
    • Christina
    • Cristina
    • Alex
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    3. Which Grey’s couple was involved in a car crash in the seventh season, immediately after one proposed to the other?

    • A. Lexie and Mark
    • B. Lexie and Jackson
    • C. Callie and Arizona
    • D. Callie and Erica
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    Whose tragic past is revealed in the episode when the hospital is on fire?

    • Dr. Bailey
    • Dr. Reeds
    • Dr. Stephenie
    • Dr. April
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    For which of the following surgeries (of a colleague) does Bailey scrub in during the superstorm episode in the ninth season?

    • Cristina’s abortion
    • Meredith donating a part of her liver to Thatcher
    • Bruke’s nerves being fixed by Derek
    • Meredith’s emergency C-section
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    4. Who saw Meredith accidentally falling into the water in the episode “Walk on Water” when she was providing first aid to a man?

    • A little girl
    • Derek
    • C. Paramedic staff
    • Bailey
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    5. How does the much adored character George O’Malley die?

    • Bombing in Iraq after joining army
    • Fatal accident trying to save a woman from a bus accident
    • Cancer
    • Car crash
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    What happens in the season 6 finale “Death and all her friends”?

    • Derek dies
    • A shooter enters the hospital.
    • An earthquake shakes up Seattle Grace Mercy West
    • The lead characters face a ferryboat crash