Can You Get 10/10 On This STRANGER THINGS Quiz?

Since its launch, on 15th of July, 2016, Stranger Things, created by The Duffer Brothers, caused an evident stir among the fanatics of the horror, sci-fi, mystery genres, and became an instant hit among its viewers, with the city of Hawkins, Indiana, crawling with several dangerous entities, a group of children trying to solve its mysteries, and a dark secret. Can you help putting the puzzle pieces together?

  • Question of

    On what date does Will Byers go missing?

    • 2nd November, 1983
    • 6th November, 1983
    • 13th November, 1983
  • Question of

    What is Terry Ives’s sister called?

    • Becky
    • Holly
    • Susan
  • Question of

    What does Nancy tell Steve after she gets drunk at a Halloween party?

    • That she doesn’t want to work with him.
    • That he needs to give back her money.
    • That she doesn’t love him.
  • Question of

    What does Eleven dress up as when she wishes to go trick-or-treating?

    • A Ghost
    • A Witch
    • A Fairy
  • Question of

    Where do Robin and Steve work?

    • Aye! Aye! Scooptain!
    • Scoops Ahoy!
    • Scoops N Sails
  • Question of

    On which road does Will first encounter the mysterious entity?

    • Dirtwood
    • Wormwood
    • Mirkwood
  • Question of

    What does Dustin name the mysterious creature he found in his trash can?

    • Dart
    • Mr. Simes
    • Bert
  • Question of

    What is Hopper’s secret code name?

    • Tiger
    • Golden Eagle
    • Wheelbarrow
  • Question of

    What does Eleven call the sensory deprivation tank that she is made to enter in the lab?

    • The Tube
    • The Pool
    • The Bath
  • Question of

    Who does Robin have a crush on?

    • Megan Michaels
    • Susan Simpson
    • Tammy Thompson