Try this quick “Riverdale” quiz!

The CW show is based on the “Archie” comic book series. This quiz covers only the pilot episode.

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    On what date did Jason and Cheryl Blossom go on their boat ride?

    • Dec. 25
    • July 4
    • Jan. 1
    • March 14
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    In her first scene, who was Betty excited to see?

    • Jughead
    • Kevin
    • Archie
    • Steve
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    What was Archie’s summer job?

    • Pouring concrete
    • Working at a diner
    • Mowing lawns
    • Teaching English in China
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    Where did Veronica and her mother live before moving to Riverdale?

    • New Orleans
    • Los Angeles
    • Seattle
    • New York
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    What sport did Archie try out for?

    • Football
    • Track
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
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    Archie tried to join a band as a writer.

    • True
    • False
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    What was the name of the diner in Riverdale?

    • Ma’s Bubblegum Trolley
    • Chokey Chicken
    • Bo’ Ling Chop Suey Palace
    • Pop’s Chock’lit Shop
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    Who was Archie with when he heard a gunshot the morning Jason Blossom went missing?

    • His father
    • His music teacher
    • Veronica
    • Betty
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    Betty and Veronica both tried out for the Rivervixens cheer squad.

    • True
    • False
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    What was in the “missing” bag that Hermione Lodge found in her apartment?

    • Drugs
    • It was empty
    • Body parts
    • Cash