How Close Are You To The ‘Gossip Girl’ Characters?- Take The Hardest Quiz Ever.

Just like any other popular TV Series, be it F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Gilmore Girls or The O.C., Gossip Girl has left a mark in our hearts. We remember where it all began for the first time. Even the locker bay, soccer field and the school lunch table. So let’s test our memory of our favourite TV show and crack all the questions.

  • Question of

    In the pilot episode, Serena is shown to have returned to New York after a year. Where was she living before that?

    • Playing hooky in Hamptons
    • Boarding School
    • Internship in Los Angeles
    • Looking for her dad in Europe
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    Where was Blair and Serena’s favourite place for lunch?

    • Palace hotel
    • Sitting on the steps of Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • In the school’s courtyard
    • In the school’s cafeteria
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    In exchange for a spot in the guest list, Jenny prepared invitation for which Blair’s party?

    • The Kiss On The Lips Party
    • The Constance Billard Pool Party
    • The Snowflake Ball
    • The White Party
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    Which among the following was Nate, Chuck and Dan’s High School?

    • The Buckley School
    • St. Bernard’s school for Boys
    • The Dalton School
    • St. Jude’s school for Boys
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    Nate’s family boasts to have descended from which real-life famous family?

    • The Kennedys
    • The Rockefellars
    • The Vanderbilts
    • The Trumps
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    Which was Rufus’ favourite breakfast to serve?

    • Pancakes
    • Waffles
    • Croissants
    • French toast
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    Can you remember what were Serena’s mother Lily’s ex-boyfriend’s and ex-husband’s identical names?

    • Klaus and Claus
    • Louis and Lewis
    • Damian and Damien
    • Jeffrey and Geoffrey
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    Which among the following characters were played by different actor/actress in the pilot scene?

    • Dorota
    • Lily
    • Eric
    • Eleanor
  • Question of

    Where did Blair and Chuck hook up for the first time?

    • Private jet
    • Yacht
    • Limo
    • Ferrari
  • Question of

    Can you name Serena’s doorman?

    • Dmitri
    • Ilya
    • Boris
    • Vanya
  • Question of

    Which among the following guys was Serena not related to at any point throughout the series?

    • Nate
    • Chuck
    • Dan
    • Eric
  • Question of

    What was Blair’s middle name?

    • Cecelia
    • Cornelia
    • Cordelia
    • Camilla
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    Name the Disney actress who made a cameo as Dan’s crush in the series.

    • Miley Cyrus
    • Selena Gomez
    • Raven Symone
    • Hilary Duff
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    Where did Georgina move to after leaving New York City?

    • London
    • Bible Camp
    • An artist’s colony
    • Fashion school
  • Question of

    Name Lily and Rufus’ secret son.

    • Scott
    • Alex
    • Toby
    • Eli