Gossip Girl Quiz

Take This Gossip Girl Quiz And See If You Can Score 18/18!

We love Gossip Girl and we think we know everything about the inner lives of the elites from Manhattan!

But do we? Let’s find out if you are a true fan and how much you remember about these New Yorkers!

  • Question of

    Who was the first person Serena dated after returning to New York from boarding school?

    • Ben Donovon
    • Carter Braizen
    • Daniel Humphrey
    • Nate Archibald
    • Aaron Rose
  • Question of

    Where do Chuck, Nate and Dan go to high school?

    • St. Bernard’s School for boys
    • St. Jude’s School for boys
    • The Howard School
    • The Buckley School
  • Question of

    Who is Chuck Bass’s biological mother?

    • Diana Payne
    • Lily van der Woodsen
    • Elizabeth Fisher
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    What dish Rufus loves to make on special occasions?

    • Fried Rice
    • Chilli
    • Barbecue Ribs
    • Apple pie
    • Turkey Roast
  • Question of

    Who among Jenny’s boyfriends were involved in selling drugs?

    • Nate Archibald
    • Eric van der Woodsen
    • Damien Dalgaard
    • Asher Hornsby
  • Question of

    Who is Prince Louis Grimaldi’s sister?

    • Annie
    • Beatrice
    • Marie
    • Jane
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    Who was Vanessa in love with in the beginning of the show?

    • Daniel Humphrey
    • Nate Archibald
    • Chuck Bass
    • Scott Victor
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    What is Dan’s first book’s name?

    • Inside
    • The Outsider
    • The Insider
    • Characters
  • Question of

    Who did Dorota marry in the show?

    • Vaneer
    • Vanya
    • Cyrus
    • Antonio
  • Question of

    Who among these cannot be considered as Blair’s parent?

    • Eleanor Waldorf
    • Cyrus Rose
    • Roman Garrel
    • Harold Waldorf
    • Bart Bass
  • Question of

    What kind of vehicle did Blair and Chuck hook up in for the first time?

    • Yatch
    • Private Jet
    • Limo
    • Ferrari
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    Who among these was not Serena’s step brother/sister at some point of time in the show?

    • Charlotte Rhodes
    • Daniel Humphrey
    • Jenny Humphrey
    • Chuck Bass
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    Who was Blair’s first husband?

    • Chuck
    • Louis
    • Nate
    • Dan
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    What exam was Vanessa studying for when she started dating Nate?

    • The GREs
    • The SATs
    • The ACTs
    • The CAT
  • Question of

    What was Blair’s dream college?

    • Brown
    • Princeton
    • Yale
    • Harvard
  • Question of

    Who does Georgina pretend to be when she first meets Dan?

    • Sarah
    • Selina
    • Laurel
    • Maureen
  • Question of

    Who marries first?

    • Chuck and Blair
    • Dan and Serena
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    Lastly, who was Lily and Rufus’s love child?

    • Scott Victor
    • Scott Rosson
    • Scott Buckley
    • Scott Ryan