How well do you know the ‘Big Bang Theory’?

Are you a genius like Sheldon Cooper or in need of some intelligence like Penny? Test your Big Bang theory knowledge with this trivia quiz below and let us know how many you could score.

  • Question of

    What alcohol did Raj consume when he started talking to women?

    • Rum
    • Vodka
    • Grasshoper
    • Tequila
  • Question of

    Who did Penny break up with at the start of the series?

    • TJ
    • Kurt
    • Zack
    • Doug
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    Who did Howard take to the Mars Rover lab to drive the rover?

    • Bernadette
    • Stephanie
    • Christy
    • Lisa
  • Question of

    Where did Leonard and Sheldon live?

    • Apartment 5A
    • Apartment 5B
    • Apartment 4A
    • Apartment 4B
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    What is the real name of Professor Proton?

    • Arthur Jeffries
    • Arthur Jeffry
    • Arthur Geoffrey
    • Arthur Jeffrey
  • Question of

    What did Penny buy for Sheldon as a way of paying him back for always eating in his apartment?

    • Spock Action Figure 1974
    • Mint-in-box 1975 Mego Star Trek Transporter
    • Star Trek Dolls 1975
    • Mr.Spock label maker
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    Who did Amy date after she and Sheldon and broke up for the first time?

    • Bert
    • Stuart
    • David
    • Howard
  • Question of

    Why did Barry Kripke and Sheldon challenge a basketball match?

    • To show who is a better physicist
    • To show who is good at sports
    • To know who should get Professor Rothman’s office
    • To know who should get Professor Goldfarb’s office
  • Question of

    On what topic was Penny asked to write an essay for her history class?

    • Slavery
    • Communism
    • Pasadena : The History
    • Dictators of the world
  • Question of

    Who was the married maintenance worker whom Raj dated?

    • Emily
    • Lucy
    • Nella
    • Issabella
  • Question of

    Complete the theme song lyric, “Maths, Science, History….”

    • Unraveling the misery
    • Unraveling the mystery
    • Untangling the misery
    • Untangling the mystery
  • Question of

    Where does Raj come from?

    • Mumbai
    • Delhi
    • Gujarat
    • Kashmir
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    Which of Amy’s aunt’s birthday did Sheldon miss?

    • Doe
    • Florence
    • Irene
    • Flora
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    Who’s signed napkin did Penny give as a Christmas for Sheldon?

    • Stephen Hawkings
    • Professor Proton
    • Bill gates
    • Leonard Nemoy
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    How did Howard’s mother die?

    • Cardiac Arrest
    • In her sleep
    • On her flight to Florida
    • She fell on the floor and passed away